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Why do the same amount of workout, the same workout intensity, other people’s muscles grow more? It may need to be explained from the principle of muscle growth.

When we do resistance workout, the nervous system mobilizes the existing muscles in your body to complete the movement, but it is not as simple as instant noodles. Your muscles are undergoing cellular changes, and these movements create stress and tear the fibers of the muscle. That’s when a molecule called Cytokines kicks in your immune system to repair the tear, regenerate your cells, and your cells grow. The more damaged muscle fibers are, the more they can be repaired, and it’s an iterative process that makes your muscles stronger and stronger. However, exercise alone cannot make muscles grow well. You need a reasonable diet and proper rest. Protein can help you maintain muscle weight and provide the cornerstone of muscle growth, that is, amino acids. Proper intake of protein and hormones normally produced by the human body , such as the insulin growth factor testosterone (male hormone), will work together to help tissues enter the repair and growth phase, and this process generally occurs during rest, especially sleep.

According to the Healthline article It’s important to eat enough protein if you want to gain and/or maintain muscle. Most studies suggest that 0.7–1 gram per pound (1.6–2.2 grams per kg) of lean mass are sufficient.
The main sources of protein are meat, eggs, milk, and soy foods. If you want to get enough protein, you should eat more of these foods. For people with a large weight base, if they want to have enough protein intake, they need to eat a lot of food every day, and they may have aversion to food. At this time, protein powder can be used to supplement protein.

As mentioned earlier, the cornerstone of muscle growth is amino acids. Muscle is actually the synthesis of a large group of proteins. If you’re destroying these proteins with every workout, you’ll have to supplement with extra protein to make up for it. So if you want to gain muscle, protein intake is obviously important.

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