VOLTRX Gallium Electric Shaker Bottle–Avocado Green

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What’s in the Box

What’s in the Box

29 reviews for VOLTRX Gallium Electric Shaker Bottle–Avocado Green

  1. D


    I started working out and this mixer plays a big part in it. One of the best products I have purchased especially bc the one I bought before this to save some bucks failed miserable. The other one doesn’t come with rechargeable battery and would need you to change batteries every week whereas this one goes on after a quick charge using usb-c cable for weeks fr. Makes using it not just easy but also fun. It makes me want to use it more and do workout more lol

  2. k

    kody wood

    Blends shakes pretty well. I have thicker protein shakes so I have to use it 3-4 times but it beats using a shaker cup and ball at 5 am to alert the house my workout is done.

  3. D


    Easy to use, keeps a decent charge. Doesn’t mix some drink mixes too well but is good enough I don’t make a mess shaking a bottle at work.

  4. F


    First cup I received the motor was very loud and the mixer blades were oddly shaped. May have been a return item. Spoke to CS and a new one was sent out. This one works perfect. Almost silent motor. Sturdy mixer blades. Mixes well. Makes those manual mixer bottle folks jealous.

  5. E

    Elena Brooks

    My son stole it from me and uses it daily for his protein shakes, very good blending speed, no speed buttons , have to double hit the button to turn on , has white lights at the bottom of the battery that seem cool, blends up powder and milk very well, holds a decent charge, I’m buying again for myself 10 stars!!!!

  6. L


    TLDR: Great blender. Mixes well. Took 5 seconds to turn on. Cleaning might be a slight pain. Powder mix only.

    Got this blender as my prior Bella blender from BB broke down. I was hesitant as some of the reviewers said there wasn’t really any power. I charged the puck and tried it out without anything inside. At first, I was worried it didn’t have any power as it spun. Today, I put some protein and peanut butter powder and water and mixed. I was surprised how well it mixed. While there were some clumps, it was very little. It did even better than the Bella blender. While I give it a 5 star rating, the two downsides were that it took a while to turn on and cleaning the inside. I thought it was broken at first, as I held the power button for 3 seconds, but nothing happened. It took about 5 seconds for it to turn on. As for cleaning, it was a slight pain as there was a residual clump on the blade itself. I tried to clean it off, but what I did was put some water in the blender and turn it on and it was clean. Effective for mixing powder. Plastic blade probably break or stop if you put anything solid. Great buy.

  7. K


    I was tired of shaking a bottle with a loud metal ball in it that wakes the whole house every time and still leaved chunks of powder, so these bottles seemed like the perfect solution. And largely, they are. Easier to clean, smoother mix, and generally quieter. However, the battery life they advertise is a flat out lie. This runs for 8 -10 cycles before the battery flashes low. They advertise something like 30 days of use on one charge. Maybe if you use it once a week, but that’s not realistic for most people using this for daily protein shakes. Make the base a half inch thicker to give us more battery and add a couple bucks to the price and problem solved. The actual mixer motor could be stronger, too. It feels like they cheaped out on the strength of the mixing motor itself to just BARELY have the strength to mix a scoop of protien shake powder with milk and didn’t give you a single ounce of more power than was absolutely necessary to technically mix it up. To be fair, I drink double strength protien shakes (two scoops) so that’s my use case, but still, make a “Voltrx Pro” model or something with more mixing power and more battery life, charge 25% to 50% more and I’d buy the heck out of that. They cut corners to get this at the price point they wanted and you can tell. That said, it’s still a four star product as is and fixes the issues I had with the famous Blender Bottles which I assume are their prime competitors.

  8. J


    I bought and used this cup daily to mix a protein shake. The battery or motor failed the other day. I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me a replacement immediately. I dont think my experience is a common one from what i see on other reviews. And i love it when there is such good customer service. You will always win me over if you do right by us the customer and they seem to be doing just that. This is a good cup. I use it to mix my protein shake and it never leaves any lumps or left over powder. It mixes very well. So being that its a good product and there is excellent customer service, i definitely recommend!

  9. J


    From chocolate milk to protein shakes to gatoraid it easily mixes it all so I can walk away and clean while my drink is being mixed. Easy cleaning too

  10. M


    It is rugged, easy to use, and mixes well. We drink a lot of health beverages, wheat grass, protein shakes, etc., and this mixer works very well for mixing them up. It’s a lot easier than using the big blender and we use it a lot, I recommend it.

  11. P

    Paul K.

    This shaker bottle’s cutting blade is made of plastic and will not crush ice; however, I kept it because it sufficiently just mixes the drink and does not ‘whip’ the bottle’s contents as the more powerful shakers with metal cutting blades can do. For just mixing an already sitting bottle of already crushed iced drink like a Margaritta, this bottle has plenty of power or a drink that just needs to be briefly mixed. Just one push of the button turns the unit on though, so can easily inadvertently start it. There’s a rotating light pattern around the detachable battery unit that also seems to indicate battery’s charge. Gave 4 star durability because of plastic cutting blade though it seems to be sturdy enough to just mix. Thank-you!

  12. V


    We love this cup in our house! It’s easy to use and mixes any powder so nicely into water or milk! It makes your drink so smooth!
    We also love the self clean feature!
    After several weeks the charging cord stopped working but the company sent a whole new cup! Now that’s great customer service!!!
    This makes a great gift

  13. T

    Tito solorzano

    Vale la pena sigue funcionando muy efectivo pila recargable duradera una belleza pero soy un poco codo y se me hace algo caro

  14. D

    Dejuan Wyatt

    It does it’s intended purpose of mixing. Very slowly but it does mix well.

  15. M


    A lot of people will put a drop of dish detergent in and rinse it clean. Not me. I prefer a sponge as stuff can still dry to the inside. Including the soap and water. It was crystal clear when received. Just have to be careful as to not snap the plastic stirrers in the cup. They are low key brittle if you’re a roughian with cleaning, lol. But love the cup just the same. I’d like it if they had a larger vessel.

  16. M

    Marquis Ramsey

    The issue for mine was that the unit only comes slightly charged; after a full charge, it seems to have lots of power. Lots of companies use similar little plastic fan blades, but it’s the design of this unit that seems to be what helps the mixing (tapered shape and swirl shape of the plastic). It also vibrates quite a bit, and the rubber bottom keeps it in place

  17. B

    Brittany Wade

    This is awesome. Only reason I did 4 instead of 5 stars is that I expected it to be a little bigger/hold a little more. But it’s a great product and does exactly what we want it to do

  18. R

    Riley holguin

    This is not a 24oz cup, at least the one I got is not 24oz. Mine is 20oz, and can barely get the 20oz in there without it overflowing the top. The mixer works fine. Just wish it was as described and not something else.

  19. T


    I LOVE this little blender. It’s not made for smoothies. However, it really blends my protein powder with milk! Nice and frothy, no powder or chunks. Clean up is a breeze! I am super happy with this!

  20. G


    I like the overall concept. It just doesn’t work all the time when you push the button. Sometimes you barely push the button and it works. Other times you have to push hard and a few times just to get it to work. When it works, it blends well.

  21. L

    Leanna Eagleson

    So I bought this as a gift for somebody and they loved it so I purchased one for myself. I’m only giving it four stars because I don’t like how the bottom comes off. It works perfectly but for it to mix, it Hass to be sitting on the counter And you have to hold it together and then the bottom comes off and it looks open on the bottom so you would make sure drink and then you poured into something else because you don’t want to carry this around but it works great I just kind of don’t understand it it’s different I do highly recommend it for mixing shakes Protane you know just like a mixer

  22. M

    M Cap

    This electric protein mixer is OK. The bottle itself is perfect, but the mixer seems to be plastic and not what I expected. This truly is JUST for STIRRING whatever LIQUID and POWDER you place in the bottle. It is definitely NOT for use with hard fruits and such for I am certain it will break the mixer within the bottle itself. Even though I read the reviews, I should have investigated further because I know I could have found a bottle with a spring mixing ball for a lot less money.

  23. t


    Works well to mix a heaping scope of protein with milk or juice of your choice. Some negative reviews are a bit stupid and I was concerned about buying. One tried to “mix” solid fruit; this is. not a blender, idiot. Another tried to mix 2 heaping scoops of protein, which might work but keeps in mind that this is only 20oz; you’re not making soup, dumdum. Another said it only had enough power for one mix…..this is the one I was concerned with, and when I received and ran it for the first time, it only did one mix. The issue for mine was that the unit only comes slightly charged; after a full charge, it seems to have lots of power. Lots of companies use similar little plastic fan blades, but it’s the design of this unit that seems to be what helps the mixing (tapered shape and swirl shape of the plastic). It also vibrates quite a bit, and the rubber bottom keeps it in place. The only issue I had was that it says 24oz in the advertising, but it’s only 20oz. If you’re a body builder and need more powder protein, get a bigger one.

  24. D

    Debra from Oklahoma

    I bought this before reading the reviews. This will not make a smoothie with ice. I had to buy another one at a physical store with a metal blade for that purpose. It will be good for camping or use in the car, because of the USB charging capability. The blade is cheap plastic and will only mix powder and liquid. I’m certain hot water could be used for mixing instant coffee or hot chocolate. It definitely will not be used very frequently, because I more needed to make smoothies with ice. Maybe I’ll just keep it in the car. It has a screw on cap, which is nice and the quality of the container is pretty good. It would be better priced at $20.00 due to the cheap blade.

  25. K


    Dead on arrival. Will not turn on.
    Update: Reached out and got a response from VOLTRX the same evening.
    After confirming some information my replacement arrived 3 days later with no issue.

    Definitely appreciate the fast and professional customer service.

  26. S


    I’d been using wire ball shaker bottles for years when I received this a a gift. I first thought it was kind of gimmicky but started to use it to show my gratitude. Wow was my initial impression wrong! This electric shaker bottle is great and my old shaker cups have now been retired. It does a great job with supplement powders and protein powders and is SO easy to clean. Just a drop of dish soap and water, run it for a few seconds and rinse. I will not be going back to my old blender bottles and have already purchased another electric blender bottle for our household.

  27. J


    The first drink I made with it went beautifully. Smoothest protein shake I’ve ever had (out of a blender cup) not one clump in my shake

  28. H


    Good quality.

  29. M


    Me gusta el diseño de la botella. No es muy fácil de agarrar pero da la sensación de producto de calidad.
    En cuanto al funcionamiento, deja un poco que desear.

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VOLTRX Gallium Electric Shaker Bottle–Avocado Green

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