VOLTRX Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle

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VOLTRX® Electric Shaker Bottle

VortexBoost™ Series Ergonomic, Quiet, Lightweight and Highly Effective!

  • – The best gift choice
  • – No lumps with creamy texture
  • – Great blending effect makes the protein easy to absorb
  • – Made of Eastman Tritan, shatter-resistant and wear-resistant
  • – Work with strong motor power by VortexBoost™ Technology
  • – Sporty appearance design and cool glowing base
  • – Electric quantity displays in the base
  • – IPX5 waterproof design
  • – 100% Waterproof seal prevents leakage





VOLTRX® specializes in electric protein shaker. We provides high quality, innovative and cost-effective products for fitness enthusiasts.

Purchase the VOLTRX electric protein shake mixer for yourself or give it as a gift! Our VOLTRactiveX™ animated packaging is ready to unwrap, and the LEDs create a light show right out of the box.

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Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, White

17 reviews for VOLTRX Vortex Electric Protein Shaker Bottle

  1. C


    The product is firmly packed.Seems gimmicky, but I assure you….it\’s awesome.I love this cup.I actually posted a review video and then a 30-day review video over on YouTube (search FizznessShizzness to see them).My Voltrx cup is the only cup I have used since I got it in the mail. And now about 60 days later, it\’s just as great of a cup as when I first got it. It mixes thoroughly. It\’s well made. It cleans easy. It charges fast. Basically, it\’s awesome.I really thought it was just a silly gimmick, but I was wrong. Yes, you COULD keep mixing your powders the old fashioned way…but once you try the Voltrx cup, you won\’t want to. Ever.My only complaint is that I wish I had more of them 🙂

  2. Z


    Cool design and good Really cool design with the lights when charging or stiring and feels like good quality too. looking forward to use it!

  3. b


    This protein shaker is definitely one of the best shakers I have owned so far. The design and build quality makes it look really premium.

  4. N

    Neil Stutes

    Very convenient for people like me who are lazy to do anything such as washing a shaker after workout.

  5. J


    It looks sleek, pretty cool and it mixes well.

  6. A


    So far it’s a great product

  7. H

    Hieu Tran

    My clumsy flat mate dropped it and the prong easily broke. Tried to glue the little prongs together, but it looks like I’ll need to buy a replacement…..

  8. O

    Oranee Daniels

    I had never seen a rechargeable portable blender before searching for new blender bottles. Technology has come so a long way. This works really well and is super durable. It blends the protein shakes and fruit very well. It’s amazing I can take a mini blender on the go and if protein settles to the bottom I can just remix it a little.

  9. h


    It is soooo cool,nice design nice quality definetly worth the money

  10. J


    Very nice for my protein. There is no noise. I highly recommend

  11. B

    Brian Wheeler

    I was never aware that electric shaker bottles exist. I was looking for a new bottle as my older one is getting difficult to clean and i came across this one and i am so surprised and happy that i got this product.
    No more protein powder settling down or struggling hard to clean the bottle, just pour the liquid and powder and boom its done.
    The motor power is good enough for mixing powder and shakes.
    The design quality is really good, all of my friends were to curious what it is. It won points there as it worked as a show off. Haha.
    Best part is its silent doesnt make much noise. I can mix while i am working at my desk as well.
    Wow ! Things are changing fast?! Never knew this exist

  12. E


    It’s a no brainer, if your into fitness than drinking your protein it’s a must I’m a tech girl and this adds to my long list of tech toys I recommend it.

    It’s a portable blender, hello.
    It’s great and it has a container for the second dose of protein after my workout it always mixes my protein perfectly.

  13. B

    Brandon Wheeler Sr.

    Awesome product 🙂 Bought because I saw the sponsored ad on Amazon but also read the reviews. It is quite nice to not have to shake my own shaker cup for the first time since ever weightlifting ?️?‍♂️. It does mix a protein powder smooth on the normal one tap setting. Highly recommend the purchase.

    Neat to see the LEDs light up while it mixes and it stops on it own, leading to a nice protein shake.

  14. H

    Heather & Joshua

    I use this to mix protein powder drinks and it works great, no problems. It’s quick and easy to use and gets rid of all the lumps in the protein powder. It converts from blending to be able to drink out of it.

  15. K

    Kennedy Lefave

    Use this to make pre and post workout shakes (Whey+water) and it does the job without a problem.I personally thought it wasn’t going to mix as well as it said it would, but within seconds it will have your drink mixed and ready for your workout. Very pleased with product and will highly recommend to anyone trying to save a few messy tedious seconds before or after a workout.The motor is very quiet you do not even know it is working and it mixes very well. Definitely recommend it.

  16. H

    Hieu Tran

    I bought this solely to use for bullet proof coffee. I’ve had this bottle for two weeks and it’s still 50% charged. I highly recommend.

    No problem mixing the ingredients.
    Ghee butter
    Peanut butter
    Mct oil
    Then hot coffee
    I put protein powder in awhile blending it.

    Press once it stirs for 30 seconds
    Press twice it stirs fro 3 minutes
    Hold for 2 seconds it shows battery charge
    Press once while it’s stirring to make it stop.

    Can’t ask for anything better.
    Is this the official bpc bottle or what?

  17. A


    I keep them charged & ready beside my mix… I love that they’re able to discretely mix and fluff the shake throughout drinking it, without anyone knowing… it’s annoying watching that guy who keeps shaking his bottle & rattling some mix-ball inside, drawing attention to themselves that they’re on a health kick… These are quick & quiet… they do light up when mixing, but I just explain it away as if it’s alerting me to drink (like the ‘Hydrate’ bottle does)…The internal mixer is plastic, and DOES NOT MIX CRUSHED ICE if it’s even slightly packed together… don’t get me wrong, this is a GREAT LITTLE MIXER, for exactly what it was designed to do- just not really thick or chunky ice.Cleans well.Great design… water sealed charge port…Charged base can screw off like a puck and transfer from cup to cup, or charge alone on the desktop without a cup attached… cup will still stand upright without the battery pack on the bottom.

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