Massage Gun | Percussion Massager | Muscle Massager | VOLTRX MuscleBoost 2020 Model

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LED Touch Screen

With the high definition LED touch screen, easily operate, clearly show the remaining power.

Full-Body MassageFeatures

4 Replaceable massage heads suitable for different parts of the body. 20 adjustable speed setting.

What you get in carrying case:

1 * Massage gun

1 * User manual

1 * UL Listed Power Adapter

4 * Massage Heads

You can take the device anywhere with massage gun carrying case.


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What can a massage gun do?

The impact massager is a handheld device that sends concentrated pressure pulses deep into your muscle tissue. This form of deep tissue massage relieves muscle tension and tension while promote blood and lymph circulation. When your body feels stiff and aches,you can use a massage gun to relieve muscle pain, while help you recover faster with great comfort.

This massage gun equipped with 4 Interchangeable Head Attachments. It is suitable for all kinds of people,such as office staff, athletes, body builders, physical therapists.

LCD Touch Display

Percussion massage gun with LCD touch screen has 20 speed strength levels met your need.and simpler operation and higher efficiency.

Anti-drop Shell

The massage gun shell was made of Nylon and glass fiber with Breakthrough Technology, it keeps well when dropping from 6.6ft (2m) high.

Large Capacity Battery

The muscle massager is equipped with 2400mAh high-quality lithium battery. Power a week’s worth of workouts with up to 8 hours of massage per charge.

Smart Massager

Safe design, the percussion massager will automatically shut off after 15 minutes of use, preventing over-use.

Upgrade Brushless Motor

24V brushless motor and quite glide noise reduction technology that brings high power and the noise low than 48dB experience. Let you enjoy your massage time smoothly and comfortably.

AI – Powerful Percussion Massager

AI – Powerful Percussion Massager Short-circuit security + electromagnetic low voltage + overload power protection. The massage gun with advance technology chip. It is perfect to aid recovery, decrease soreness.


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6 reviews for Massage Gun | Percussion Massager | Muscle Massager | VOLTRX MuscleBoost 2020 Model

  1. V

    Veronica Cabrera

    Exceeded all expectations !!!
    I used it for one night and the neck pain for a few months disappeared the next morning.
    I did two professional massages, each lasting only a few hours.
    The value I’ve got is much more than the price of this massage gun!
    20 speed and powerful impact! It has become very powerful starting at level 15
    The Led light at the bottom will tell you when to turn on, and when to charge and complete charging. The carrying case is also a good storage and carrying supplement. I’m glad I got this. My wife likes it very much. Whenever she goes home after working for a day, she will use it to tighten her neck and shoulders.
    A friend of mine used it after going to the gym. He said that the next day he was not sore at all. Previously, after “leg training day”, he would usually be sore for a day or two.

  2. J

    Jet Toledo

    I cant put this thing down. I love this thing. I’ve used the original massage guns and they are amazing but I couldnt get onboard the $300+ price so when I saw this quarter of price model on VOLTRX I jumped on it. Invest in these and forget the rollers. Battery lasts a long time too Ive been using this for 20-30 minutes daily and I havent needed to charge it yet. I love it.

  3. T


    This summer I gained almost 10 kgs and was at solid 100kgs in Sept 2019. This is where I decided I need to start working out. And I went with the easiest option. Going to university on bike. I was excited and forgot that my thighs would hurt like hell. But I kept going and the pain didn’t leave. Then I decided to get the shiatsu massagers but that were good for neck and back not for my thighs and legs. Then I came accross these kind of massagers. Admittedly these are pricey but the effect it has is amazing and totally worth it. Within a day of use on my thighs I started to feel the difference in a good way. My wife had pain in her Lower back after the delivery and we tried all different massagers and nothing seems to work except this.
    The best thing about this is the portability and battery powered which makes it easy for carrying anymwhere and the flexibility of use makes it easy to use anywhere and any part of your body.
    Caution: I advice you to do your own research on how to use it. The four different attachments that are included works best on different parts of body. This is easy to find online and also the instructions manual included helps you with it. This might be very useful in maximizing the effect of massager and getting back every penny you spent.

  4. C

    Chris J

    always curious to try one of these after seeing the hype on social media so I decided to buy this massage gun for my father as a gift.

    He’s been using a massage chair for 12 years and he was thrilled with it.

    The product came in a zip carrying case and with multiple modifications in order to provide the best comfort of use.

    I use the default foam ball. I like the digital display and how you can control the speed of the massage.

    The lifetime value of this device outweighs the cost of any massage, so save yourself thousands by picking up one of these!

  5. J


    I have spent $449 on a product that does not do nearly as good as this one has done for me! I use it in my chiropractic office and the battery life on it is good! Patients love it and it would be great for at home use or in office use! It is a great product for a much cheaper price than other similar products. I would for sure suggest this to any patient!

  6. J

    Justin T

    If you are looking for a massager gun but couldn’t afford the big brand name ones that you see on social media just like me this is the one to get! I’ve been wanting one of these massage guns because of how much I loved the one my friend had, and I was stoked to finally have my own!

    -Half the cost
    -Fairly quiet (Quieter than the Hypervolts)
    -Battery life is sufficient enough for your needed therapy/usage
    -Great for aches, knots, and sores
    -Great Built

    -This also works great on dogs, I used it on my dog and she loves it, of course, don’t go crazy using it on them.

    This is great for anybody and that you don’t need to be an athlete to use these massage guns. At first, I really didn’t know how to use it optimally, but I looked on youtube to help me use it correctly and more effectively by using which nozzles and how and how long! This really helped me with my upper back pain. As I do a lot of sitting and I have a sloughing position as the day goes and this is a breath of relief when I get home.

    FYI: This is better with another person helping you out in hard to reach areas like the back. You cant do this alone for those spots, as I’ve attempted and it was less therapeutic doing so.

    I would highly recommend this as a gift or a treat to yourself. Beats having to always pay for a 60-90 Min massage, it is an easy to use device its just the matter of how to use it optimally and effectively! Nevertheless, it was worth every penny for me!

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