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miixr electric shaker bottle

  I am very satisfied with this purchase of protein shaker bottle. It is definitely the most durable and well-made electric shaker I have ever bought. I can already see that this will last a long time. I have a transparent black cover and a full purple cover. I really like purple, although it is different from the picture. The other is for my husband. He was also impressed by its quality and said that it is easy to clean the electric shaker bottle. All he needs to do is shake it with warm water immediately after use.

  I am looking forward to our third child, I really like these BPA-free cups.

  We will definitely buy two more sets to replace all our old ones.

  These effects are very good. I tried to use only loose shaker balls in the existing electric protein shaker bottle, but it didn’t really work. Then I lost the loose shaker ball and needed to be replaced. I picked them up with soybean oil for breakfast and lunch. They work very well. Something that helps me. First, make the soybeans the night before and put them in the refrigerator overnight. If you shake it well, the soybeans will dissolve well when it cools to room temperature. Of course, use a shaker. When I watched the electric shaker bottle, real soybeans taste better when it is cold. As part of the production, after you add water to the bottle, they graduate, so it’s easy. Then put the soybeans in the water, put the balls into the protein shake mixer, tighten the lid, and shake for a few seconds to dissolve the material in the water. If you do not do this immediately, the lumped wet powder will not dissolve in the morning.

  The electric shaker bottle can be cleaned with towel, soap and water. Be careful when cleaning, because shaking the balls can get tangled together, which can really slow down your process when you try to untie them.

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