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  In the past few days, many friends asked about the price of this massage gun. Pharaoh said in [Is there a difference between a few hundred and a few thousand of a massage gun?], but there is no difference in terms of experience, but afterwards For fitness enthusiasts, the massage gun with a price of about two hundred yuan is still lacking in strength, and there is no high-priced massage gun that is more powerful! This involves the core motor used in the massage gun.

  People who have muscles that are more “struggling” can clearly feel that when a bad-quality OEM massage gun hits the muscles, it is like a “child tickling”. There is no deep massage effect at all. The consequence is that people are The word-of-mouth evaluation of massage gun is very low, such as “IQ tax”, “chicken ribs” and so on. And a massage gun with very good quality, the effect it exerts is “gun to the flesh, so you can’t stop it”, this is the sourness that people are looking for!

  Let’s discuss why there is such a big gap in the price of massage gun:

  1, brand premium

  Everyone will find that the price of domestic massage gun is much cheaper than that of foreign brands, and there is the problem of brand premium. For example, HYPERICE, the originator of massage guns, is priced at about US$299 abroad, which is about 2000 when converted into RMB. However, if you want to buy massage guns of the brand HYPERICE in China, the price is generally 3,000 to 4,000 yuan. The premium part of this difference includes: agents, taxes, promotion and other costs. And domestic products don’t have to consider so much, when all kinds of Internet celebrities bring goods, massage guns become popular. You only need to open a store on the major e-commerce platforms, and you can be successful with the price. By the way, Lao Wang bought the massage gun at a price of 59 yuan before, but the quality is really messed up!

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  2, select materials

  The material of    massage gun determines its cost. Cheap OEM massage gun will not consider the feeling in use at all. Plastic smell, motor, etc. are all problems. The massage gun that Pharaoh bought for less than 100 yuan is a wired connection, the noise is deafening, and the outer box is a soft bag. It can’t be used after using it twice, and the connection line is exposed and so on.

  3, the choice of motor

  The motor motor on the massage gun is considered more important, and the brushless motor must have a longer service life than the brush motor. The second generation of brushless motors will definitely be much better than the first generation, and the next iteration of the product will be developed in terms of efficiency. The difference in the price of the massage gun is due to the internal selection of the motor motor! For example, the Serikon Theragun G3PRO has a thrust of 18KG and an amplitude of 16mm. When it is used on the human body, the shock distance The attenuation is very small.