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  Fitness not only to be able to practice but also to eat, so what supplements are better to use when working out?

  Basic supplements: protein powder, amino acids (creatine, branched chain, glutamine)

  Strength building supplements: muscle building powder, creatine, nitrogen pump

  Testosterone boosters: testosterone boosters

  Fat loss category: various products for fat loss (L-carnitine, fat killer) commonly used are of course protein powder and muscle building powder.

  Basic supplements are suitable for everyone, including the general population. These types of supplements focus on the recovery of the body. It should be noted that muscle building powder is suitable for lean people.

  After working out for a period of time, which is usually 3 months, you can use strength building supplements because your muscle strength may have been developed to its limit.

  Finally, there are supplements that promote testosterone production, with the aim of engaging more protein synthesis.

  As far as the average fitness enthusiast is concerned, the first two types of protein powders and muscle building powders are sufficient, and those who are a little older can choose testosterone-promoting supplements.

  What should I do when I hit a bottleneck in fitness? What is the best choice to drink supplements? This has also become a topic of discussion.

  The bottleneck may be caused by too much training intensity and slow recovery, in addition to a reasonable diet, but also appropriate to drink some fitness supplements.

  Recommended supplements

  For example, whey protein powder, whey protein powder is a precious protein extracted from milk using advanced technology, high purity, high absorption rate, the most reasonable amino acid composition and many other advantages.

  Whey protein is not only easy to digest, but also has high biomass, high efficiency, high protein efficacy ratio and high utilization rate, which makes it a fine product in protein.