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  Both race walking and running can have the effect of losing weight, but compared to race walking, it is safer and healthier. Race walking can not only exercise the muscles of the whole body, but also effectively shape the body. Running is an aerobic exercise, although The effect of reducing fat is good, but it is easy to cause knee joint injuries due to excessive amplitude.

  Both race walking and running help to lose weight

  Race walking and running are both a common method of weight loss. Generally speaking, race walking and running can have the effect of weight loss and can effectively burn excess fat in the body. However, in comparison between the two, race walking is relatively safer. At the same time, it can also shape the body, which is beneficial to the healthy development of the human body.

  When a person is walking, the muscles of the whole body are in motion, especially the waist and abdomen will have obvious feelings, and it is not as good as usual to walk, and at the same time, the feet do not need to leave the ground at the same time, not only can exercise well To the muscles, it can also effectively burn fat.

  Running is an aerobic exercise. Long-term exercise can not only increase the heart rate of the human body, increase the body function of the human body, but also allow the muscles of the whole body to be effectively exercised. However, due to the swing range of the running body during exercise If it is too large, the knee joint is easily injured, so race walking should be safer.