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  If your idea is still stuck in the head massager is exclusive to fitness and sports people, it is very wrong, nowadays, with the fascia gun fever soaring, more and more people realize that the fascia gun relaxes the muscles of the wonderful use, not only in the sports exercise after the muscle repair, daily sedentary can also be “dislike” at any time, more people are imaginative, will The fascia gun is used to beat the beef, maybe it can really make the taste of beef balls.

  In fact, many people even have the will to buy, but every time you open the shopping site is a confused face, the face of so many similar appearance, but the price is very different fascia gun, how can you pick the performance quality is good enough, the price will not be “ripped off” too much reliable fascia gun?

  That must be said to the core structure of the fascia gun – the motor, which determines both the performance of the fascia gun, but also determines the price of the fascia gun.

  Motors can be divided into two categories – brush motors and brushless motors. The brushless motor can be said to be an upgraded version of the brush motor, with many advantages, low noise, high stability, high safety, not easy to heat, and long life, now buy a fascia gun, basically do not have to consider using a brush motor fascia gun, although cheaper than the brushless motor, but the feeling of use, safety, use time is not guaranteed, it is better to get a “small dolphin “.

  In addition to the brush motor option, the motor should also look at what configuration?

  A. Speed

  Some people think that the higher the speed of the fascia gun, the better, in fact, this is the wrong idea, if the speed is too high, it may be difficult for the body to bear, not only can not relax the fascia may also bring harm, and if the speed is too low, and can not play a role, so the motor speed should be controlled in the scientific, suitable for the human body to bear the range of the interval, in general, the speed of 3200 rpm is already a good fascia gun. As for 6000 rpm or even more, that is most likely a lie. But if the highest speed of a fascia gun is less than 2000 times per minute, I do not recommend buying it. Take some of the better reputation of the fascia gun, such as Voltrx massage gun, for example.

  2, torque.

  Motor torque to a certain extent represents the power performance of the motor, in the experience of the effect is the strength of each hit, so not just a fast frequency can be, the product needs to have a certain torque, generally speaking, the greater the torque, the stronger the power. Because many fascia gun is not clearly marked torque.

  3, amplitude.

  In addition to speed and strength, if you want a better sense of striking, but also depends on the fascia gun amplitude. The higher the amplitude depth, it is easier to reach the deep muscle groups. Generally speaking, the choice of fascia gun amplitude is not less than 10mm, if the amplitude is too small, fascia gun hit the body soft like scratching, no massage to the muscle, there is no feeling of relief. I have also tried some low-cost products on the market, because the amplitude is not deep, the blow only stays on the surface of the skin, just like scratching, so you can say no effect.

  4, noise.

  Noise for the hand massager experience is also very big impact too much noise may not only damage the hearing, but also make the use of experience greatly reduced, therefore, the selection of fascia gun is a major criterion: noise should not be higher than 70 decibels. There are two ways to reduce noise, one is to fundamentally reduce the noise, and one is to add sound insulation materials. The current fascia gun is the first method, work on the motor, too cheap cottage products are often used brush motor, or with the curved saw transformation of the machine, the noise is very large, with a long time easy to damage the hearing. And brushless motors than brush motors do a better job on the noise, which is why the focus of choosing a fascia gun to look at the motor.