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  Many people who love sports now have a massager gun in their hands. It has a super obvious effect on muscle relaxation after exercise, and it is very comfortable after use. Let’s learn more about the effects of the lower massager gun.

  What is the massager gun for

  Fascia gun is a physiotherapy instrument that uses impact and resonance to loosen soft tissues. In popular terms, it is a vibrating massager that dredges the meridians and relaxes muscles. Its birth is closely related to the development of massager theory and the NBA’s increasing demand for rehabilitation.

  Fascia (myomassager) is the connective tissue that wraps all parts of the body. It covers the body wall, inserts into muscles, attaches to bones, and surrounds blood vessels. It is a three-dimensional network matrix that wraps, surrounds, protects and supports the structure of the human body. Fascia itself has varying degrees of elasticity, can contract and relax, so it can respond to load, compression and stress. It has a supporting and restraining effect on the organization, can change the traction direction of muscle strength, regulate the operation of muscle strength, and has postural and motor functions. Many symptoms of soreness and health problems can be alleviated through conditioning and treatment of related massager.

  What is the principle of the massager gun

  As a soft tissue rehabilitation tool, the effectiveness of the massager gun depends on the skill of the operator. Just as a kitchen knife cuts tofu into hair in the hands of a master, it will not be of maximum value in the hands of a layman. Dr. Clarke, chairman of NASM Sports Medicine Association, said: “If users can really learn to use the Hypervolt massager gun to take care of their bodies, they can greatly improve their quality of life and work efficiency.”

  Dr. Clark explained that stress and vibration can stimulate the body’s mechanical, neurophysiological and adaptive potential to help the body repair itself. The operating principle of massager lysis is related to various mechanical receptors (machanoreceptors) in the massager, mainly including Golgi receptor, Pacini receptor, and Pain-like bodies ( Paciniform receptor, Ruffini receptor and interstitial receptor. Through these receptors, the massager transmits information to the brain (mainly the autonomic nervous system) to trigger subsequent effects. Schleip (2003) proposed the autonomic nerve feedback path to explain how myomassagerl relaxation surgery affects the nervous system to relax the soft tissue through the receptor.

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  At the same time, connective tissue has a tendency to conduct electrical information (piezoelectric phenomenon) when it is stressed, similar to liquid crystal. Connective tissue tends to become liquid when it is treated with pressure, and becomes more solid when it is not treated (thixotropy). Massage and exercise can play a very good role in this. The pressure and vibration cooperate with the exercise to help the matrix become thinner and softer, and it is not easy to condense.

  Does the massager gun work?

  The effect of the massager gun is still there. The next day I will feel that the muscles are not so sore, and the recovery speed is indeed accelerated, reducing the probability of injury, because I have just used it for two weeks. The group has deep relaxation, compared to pure stretching. Girls can also use the massager gun to stretch their calves and thighs after running. It is said that it also has a shaping function, but I have not personally used and experienced this. Friends who are interested can try it by themselves. This massager The gun is relatively good in domestic production, and the price is also close to the people, and it has been given to friends by Amway.

  Precautions for the use of massager gun

  1. The massager gun is used to relax muscles. The bones of the elbows, knees, head and back of the hands cannot be used to relax. Such use is like knocking your bones. , It will cause great pressure on bones and tendons.

  2. Places like our neck where there are large arteries, under the armpits, abdominal cavity and other parts that are close to blood vessels and organs cannot be hit with a massager gun.

  3. The use time of the massager gun is not as long as possible. It is recommended that the average use time is about 10 minutes.

  4. It is not recommended for you to try personally modified massager guns. You have no way to guarantee the safety of your modified manual version of massager guns, and you cannot get safety guarantees.