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  Massager gun amazon (Fascial) is the connective tissue that wraps the muscles. It is composed of densely arranged collagen fibers, like a tough film that wraps the muscle fibers. The main function is to connect the muscle fibers to help the muscles perform Contraction and stretching exercises also protect the muscles. Since the massage gun has only been widely noticed by the medical community in the past ten years, there are actually different opinions on the exact definition of “massager gun relaxation”. The most common ones are “massager gun can be relaxed” and “massager gun.” Cannot be relaxed” these two groups of argument.

  Statement 1: gun massager argos can be relaxed

  People who believe that the massager gun can be relaxed, we are in the process of exercise, in addition to the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles and cause pain, the muscle massager gun will also be pulled during the exercise. If the massager gun loses its elasticity, it will affect the mobility of the muscles and easily cause the muscles to be injured. Therefore, in addition to muscle stretching after exercise, the aid of equipment (such as roller massage) or stretching posture to help the massager gun relax can speed up the recovery after exercise and relieve the feeling of muscle tightness.

  Statement 2: kmart massage gun cannot be relaxed, it promotes the relaxation of surrounding muscles through pressure stimulation

  Those who feel that the massager gun cannot be relaxed think that the massager gun is a collagen-rich connective tissue, and its toughness makes it the second bone of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to use external force to deform the massager gun with bare hands. It is quite difficult. Robert Schleip, a German research authority on massager electric, pointed out in his research on massager gun (Fascial plasticity – a new neurobiological explanation) that a massager gun can sense changes in pressure. When a certain part of the body’s massager gun is under pressure, in order to avoid muscle When the tissue is injured, it will send a signal to the brain to readjust the tension of the massager gun, which promotes the feeling of relaxation in the muscles around the pressure. We can think of the massager gun as a tights covering the whole body. When the tights feel tight, we are not trying to break the clothes to relax, but by adjusting the position of the clothes to allow the tension to be properly distributed.

  Regardless of what it is said, the core concept of relaxation is actually to adjust the tension and pressure of the body tissues through auxiliary tools or specific posture stretching to achieve the effect of relieving tightness.