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  We all know what fitness movements to learn first to learn the basic skills, especially difficult fitness movements, such as human flag, if not to learn the basic skills, to learn the human flag is very difficult, so do the human flag first to learn the basic skills. So, what basic skills are needed to do the human flag? Here’s a look at what basic skills are needed.

  What basic skills are needed to do the human flag

  1. pull-ups

  Because the human flag needs to be done on the vertical bar, we need to use the strength of both hands to support our entire body, so the arm strength training is essential, then we can do pull-ups. The main exercise of pull-ups is our arm strength and pectoral muscles and latissimus dorsi, so this movement has undoubtedly become the basic function of the human flag. Pull-ups are not too difficult for fitness enthusiasts, but if you want to do human flags, it is recommended to further exercise the increased difficulty version of the one-handed pull-up.

  2. push-ups

  Push-ups are also a very effective way to exercise arm muscles, and the action is simple and basic, and can be considered a universal fitness action. Then we can increase our arm strength and the sense of human coordination by doing push-ups before doing human flags. In addition, we should do more than a few sets of push-ups, so that we can also exercise to our endurance, so that we can do better after the fitness.

  3. Double hand grip bar balance training

  Want to do a good job of human flag, then the training for the sense of balance is essential, we can choose a vertical single pole for balance training. First of all, we grab the bar with both hands, must grasp a steady, and then feet touch the ground, so that our body as far as possible to lean down, the smaller the angle formed with the ground the better, as long as possible to persist, because this action is somewhat similar to the human flag, but much more basic, is to exercise the sense of balance is very important action.

  Human flag good practice?

  Very difficult.

  This action involves the participation of close to 90% of the whole body muscle groups, for the measurement of a gymnast’s comprehensive strength quality, especially the core strength, as well as the whole body coordination, muscle stability, etc. are very persuasive, while in addition to increasing strength, stimulating muscle growth, it can improve and balance the whole body muscle distribution, increase the energy metabolism of the whole body, the benefits are also obvious.

  The main power points of the human flag

  1. hand (grip → wrist flexor group, biceps, triceps)

  2. Upper shoulder (pulling force → latissimus dorsi, biceps)

  3. lower shoulder (thrust → deltoid, rotator cuff stabilizer, triceps)

  4. lower back (core stabilizing muscles → internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, erector spinae,)

  As this is a comprehensive movement, so our to also be a comprehensive basic strength exercise, mainly around these major muscle groups.