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massage ball

  There are too many massage guns of various brands and price levels on the market, so I was dazzled by them and never got one. Now finally waiting for an opportunity to get Voltrx this back massager.

  Portable handbag

  This fascia gun value is really high, the whole machine design curve is very smooth, matte body with black handle, looks more professional, frosted texture is also very comfortable. It is equipped with six professional massage heads, which can meet the various needs of daily exercise and relaxation.

  The side of the body is set up with a switch button, the operation is very simple, the child can learn.

  I took it to the office, the gym and other places, every time I had a break at work, I would take it out to massage and relax for 10 minutes or so, feeling more relaxed and comfortable, after going to the gym to work out, take it to the tight muscles of the body to focus on relaxation massage, the next day the muscle soreness significantly reduced a lot.

  Voltrx this fascia gun is very durable, it is the internal use of quiet noise reduction imported brushless motor, even if the high-frequency massage mode will not disturb the people around, this I know when I use in the office.

  The bottom of the body is the total power on/off key and charging place, speaking of charging, strong lithium battery life really into a durable and lasting! I’ve used it for so long without charging it, and it feels very good to use.

  This fascia gun to my home after almost never idle, the family often used to massage relaxed shoulders and necks, each time after using a lot of comfort, children will also use it to relax the whole body, a neck massager, the whole family is applicable, it is really not a loss to get.