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shake mixer bottle

  Voltrx plastic shaker bottle? It’s nothing good-Amazon infrastructure is full of beautiful things. Why should I order this kit

  There are three types:

    1) Because there are two protein shake blenders, I can leave one in the dishwasher if necessary.

  2) Because you have a separate source of fans underground. So, I can take them to work or to the gym and mix them on the spot.

  3) The price is quite cheap.

  For the test itself: No


  -The shaker smelled a bit strange at first, but after washing it in the dishwasher once, it now smells completely neutral. According to the product description, it also does not contain BPA.

gfuel shacker cups

  First vibration:

  -I’m worried about jerk. -It is made of solid plastic, not metal, just like a more expensive vibrating screen. So far, there is no problem-the milkshake mixes well and cream like my previous milkshake.

  -Absolutely tight, no leakage!


  -enclosed in a dishwasher, in good condition. It couldn’t be easier.

  in conclusion:

  What can I say, a simple protein shake blender. Not a hip, not a trendy, just a dangling vibrator that will not attract negative attention. But the price is low. I have nothing to complain about,