Posted on: June 3, 2021 Posted by: voltrx Comments: 0
electric shaker

  I absolutely love this electric shaker bottle. I already want to buy another one, maybe a bit smaller? For more variety or convenience. My milkshake is no longer in a ball, which means I can actually taste it, and so is my God. It looks like an electric shaker may be cheap, but it is definitely durable. As for other comments that there are some water leakage problems, I deliberately filled it with water and threw it away. It’s okay. I even wanted to throw it on the ground, the stuck part opened, and of course the water dropped. But it is still integrated without any scratches. Although it’s a bit messy because of my own experiment, this thing is really great!

  is very suitable for protein shakes and smoothies. Steel balls and round bottoms make everything different!

  The electric blender bottle is completely leak-proof, very strong and super easy to clean. I may have to give another gift to my family because they like to use it so much…

  will definitely get clear colors: it is very helpful to measure liquids when translucent.