Posted on: April 14, 2021 Posted by: voltrx Comments: 0
electric shaker

  I am a penniless college student, so when I look at blender water bottles, I find that most of them are expensive because of their value. The protein shaker is over $50, so I won’t spend that much on a piece of plastic. I have been looking for. I only bought a voltrx electric shaker bottle for $39.95. I am very satisfied with the voltrx electric shaker bottle product because it is durable, blends well, and is very cheap (it also has a good handle). In short, I really recommend anyone who needs a bottle of their own protein shake to get a voltrx electric shaker bottle!

  Voltrx protein shaker bottle is easy to clean-just like the extra compartment at the bottom with extra protein powder inside, when you work hard and work/start. It’s been a year, and they look quite fresh. Suggestion: Be sure to add water before adding protein powder. Before shaking, otherwise the mixing will not be good!