Posted on: June 10, 2021 Posted by: voltrx Comments: 0
electric shaker bottle

  I like this voltrx protein shaker! It is very suitable for shaking on the road, be sure to clean it immediately after laughing

  Make sure the lid of the drinking part is closed so that you know that the lid is 100% closed before shaking.

  When I go to work, I take this bottle electric to make Keto milkshakes during a meal. I tried it yesterday and it worked well. I’m going to use a real blender to pour it into the bottle, although it’s okay to mix it with small balls.

  The first time I got this Voltrx plastic shaker bottle, I immediately thought of its quality. Its quality is very good. I really think there is a problem with the lid because I put the electric shaker bottle on the back seat of my car. When it fell, it started to leak. Don’t worry, because I found that the lid is not leaking, you just have to press it hard until you hear a click. I just closed it, so there is no water leak. Surprisingly, the blender in the protein shaker actually mixes all your powder with the liquid. Really