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shoulder massager

  A hard workout can leave you feeling exhausted. the Voltrx massagers for neck and back will help you feel energized by moving lactic acid and increasing blood flow throughout your body. It immediately relieves stress and makes it easier to focus on your next workout. It will also help you sleep better at night, wake yourself up and get ready for whatever the day brings.

  Our powerful 20-speed setting provides the right intensity for your aches, pains and injuries. The attachment is designed to improve flexibility and mobility by using trigger point massage gun therapy to target the areas that need the most attention.

massage ball

  The Voltrx muscle massager is the equivalent of your personal sports massage therapist. Your body deserves the best relief and recovery, especially during high level training. Use the Voltrx massage gun to pamper and protect your muscles before or after a workout so you can perform at your best.