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vortex protein shaker amazon

  This electric shaker is my daily driver. It fits my cup holder very well, but it can still hold a lot of amino energy for me every morning [2 scoops of oranges, 2 scoops of watermelon — it tastes like some kind of tropical nectar —!] And because I have excess, I collected it All the black stuff was filled with stuff, so I removed the lid and added a straw. Next I plan to get coral, emerald and pink, and then do the same thing-maybe add some vinyl!-Give me two gummy, little girls fetching water. A cup of good building. highly recommended. Add a straw, which is more fun.

  I use an electric shaker bottle to mix, store and pour fresh homemade ranch seasoning. My original plan was to mix the seasonings in a bowl, then transfer them here to store and pour them, but I decided to try to shake them to make them mix and work perfectly! I am very satisfied with this electric paint shaker. I bought a 28-ounce bottle instead of a 20-ounce bottle because I thought the 20-ounce bottle was not big enough, and I was right. The 28-ounce protein shaker bottle is an ideal size dressing bag! It’s easy to make fresh seasoning without any preservatives! I love it!