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hyperrice gun

  Lao Wang sorted out VOLTRX deep muscle massage gun: Although I am a rookie who just joined the company, I actually bought the first product-an electric toothbrush four years ago, I became an iron powder!

  It’s easy to buy things, but it’s not easy to buy the right things. Buying the right things while taking into account the price is not a simple matter. Every product recommended on the website is actually used and compared before it is recommended to everyone, and Relying on a large number of purchases to reduce costs is directly reflected in the price, which is why we have become a diehard iron fan.

  VOLTRX deep muscle for men and women

  One week before work, the second pre-ordered muscle massage gun arrived! Because both of us are office workers, we often have shoulder, neck and calf pain, especially on weekends, we are playing sports, and we shout every day. Here is sour and sour, if you are still considering whether to start, you can take a look at this post-use experience, I really recommend it!

  This group of VOLTRX deep muscle massage gun has a total of four massage heads that can be replaced-cylindrical head, spherical head, U-shaped head, and flat head. The usage rate of the four heads is very high. According to the sole of the foot, I use the cylindrical head, belly and waist. I use a ball-shaped head, a U-shaped head for my feet, and a flat head when I lie flat on my back, shoulders, and buttocks.

hypervolt massage gun

  There is an LCD screen behind the gun body, which will display the current gear speed and power display. There are a total of six gear speeds adjustable, and it is found that no matter how many gears are adjusted, the sound during use is very small, and the TV volume does not need to be adjusted up. , The child can’t hear the sound even while sleeping in the room.

  In addition to going to work on weekdays, I play basketball on weekends, so I often shout that my whole body is sore. In addition to exercise, my muscles are big and hard. After several massages, I say that I am not strong enough. If I can’t press the real point, I feel like a waste of money. Go again.

  VOLTRX deep muscle for men and women

  With this VOLTRX deep muscle massage gun, you can operate the massage yourself, press which side you feel sore, and adjust the high speed in the thicker muscle layer. I am very happy to say that I only know my point!

  Usually first press the upper and lower arms and legs, then lie on the yoga mat, and then help him press the back, waist, buttocks, etc., he likes to press the side under the armpit, the relationship between sports and pitching is tight and sore. Going to the outside to massage will not be there at all, and the angle problem is not easy to press force. The muscle massage gun can be used to quickly and powerfully vibrate in, immediately relax and soothe it, which is more powerful than a real person.

  I have tried other brands. The price of a good muscle massage gun is more than ten thousand, and the cheap one is two or three thousand, but the depth is not enough, and the sound is loud. Until the website launches this VOLTRX deep muscle massage gun, it is not only after the trial. Depth and strength are enough, and the voice is low.

  Because it is relatively sturdy, it is used in gears 4-6, and I use it in gears 1-2. It is obviously a muscle massage gun. With the same strength, I can’t use this VOLTRX deep muscle massage gun. It hurts. I first press the thighs and calves by myself, and then lie down and let my husband press the back shoulders, back, waist, buttocks, etc. I really feel the ass. I sit at work and have poor blood circulation in my butt, the more I sit. The bigger you are, every time you press your waist and butt, you will feel comfortable when you loosen it and don’t want to get up!

  VOLTRX deep muscle for men and women

  If you wear high heels a lot, or if you need to stand for a long time at work, you must try to press the bottom of the foot with a cylindrical head, it is really super comfortable~! Itchy or painful to massage the outer soles of the feet, this is directly and deeply penetrated. No pain at all and super soothing, it can be adjusted to the 3rd gear by pressing the sole of the foot.

  VOLTRX deep muscle massage gun has its own storage box, and the four massage heads also have its own small storage box, which is very convenient to store or take out.