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blender bottle amazon

  just started to study fitness more deeply and decided to buy Shaker Bottle because it looks easier to clean than star wars shaker bottle. I am an efficient person and I would say that this is undoubtedly one of the best kettles I have ever bought. It will do everything it claims to do, even if it mixes my thick cashew butter with smoothies. It is tightly sealed and can hold as many water or smoothies as I need. I want to mention, don’t let off heat/drink hot shakes here, because it suddenly appeared on it and scared me. Just started drinking protein shakes. I did some research and found that all shakers have a ball. It seems very troublesome. The idea that I have extra things to clean up does not suit me. I was so busy that I hardly went home. I googled “Shaker Cup No Ball” and then Shaker Bottle appeared. I like. It is mixed with my milkshake without any lumps, it is easy to clean and it looks good. I even bought gifts. It is likely to buy a third as a spare.