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  Muscle massage gun is no longer the patent of athletes, in fact, you and I can control it too! “Voltrx small beat muscle massage gun” is the world’s first massage gun specially designed for modern women. It is an improvement on the generally heavy and noisy foot massager machine on the market. It is lighter and more convenient to use to relieve muscle stiffness anytime and anywhere. Lao Wang teaches you how to use Voltrx foot massager machine to improve blood circulation and soreness throughout the body and relax your daily life.

  Voltrx brand: lightweight massage designed for women

  Lao Wang sorted out the needs of women who need more muscle massage gun on the Internet. Shuai chose this “Voltrx small beat muscle massage gun”, which took a year of research and development and designed for modern women and the elderly, to break the muscle massage gun. The stereotype that only professional athletes or fitness people need to use, changing the appearance of his brand’s muscle massage gun is heavy, bulky and not portable, the three features of Xiaochou can more intimately solve the user’s worries:

  Voltrx brand: lightweight massage designed for women

  1. The appearance is light and stylish, easy to carry, and it can reduce the burden on the wrist when used.

  ”Voltrx small thump muscle massage gun” has a width of 13.9 cm, a grip diameter of 4 cm, and a weight of only 653 grams. It is currently the world’s lightest foot massager machine. It is different from the foot massager machine on the market that is over 1kg and looks like a dumbbell. , Women can also operate with one hand, reducing the burden on the wrist. The appearance design adopts the matte girlish color series, and the four colors of black and white texture provide more diversified choices.

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  2. 5-stage variable speed + 5 massage heads, prescribe the right medicine for the sore part

  Xiaochou has the lightest and strongest force on the market, and can tailor a comfortable deep massage to meet the needs of users. From the first gear 800 rpm to wake up the muscles, to the strong shock of up to 3200 rpm, through high frequency The shock wave transmits, deeply relaxes the fascia tissue and eliminates muscle fatigue. It is equipped with 5 types of massage heads to control the vibration intensity to achieve different massage effects for different parts such as large muscle groups, leg muscles, spine, shoulder and neck, lymphatics and acupuncture points.

  Even the elderly, underweight or less exercise habit women, people with insufficient muscle mass can reduce pain points through the “exclusive low-level strength” massage. 30 seconds can effectively relieve a variety of soreness problems, and bid farewell to those who have accumulated over time. toil.

  3. Patented silent motor, intelligent timing shutdown, humanized intimate design

  As the quietest muscle massage gun on the market, Xiaochou is only about 45 decibels. It is equipped with a patented silent brushless motor, which will not interfere with others whether it is used at home or in the workplace. Coupled with the intelligent timing shutdown mode, the product will automatically stop after 15 minutes of operation to avoid overuse. The user-friendly design allows consumers to feel more at ease when using it.

  A muscle massage gun that “solves all women’s problems”. Lao Wang will continue to update the tutorial on girls using muscle massage gun in the follow-up, teaching you how to use Voltrx foot massager machine to improve blood circulation and soreness throughout the body. As long as it is used properly, whether it is a sedentary or standing office worker, a professional woman with busy housework, or a fitness person, the foot massager machine can achieve deep relaxation, eliminate edema, and relieve tight muscles after training anytime, anywhere , Get rid of the uncomfortable soreness!