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  Today, I will show you how to use a handheld massager to massage and relax the entire back muscles. Generally, when we relax the back muscles, there are two parts, one is our latissimus dorsi and the other is the spine muscle.

  For people who have a chest and hunchback for a long time, the spine muscles will be more tense, so using a handheld massager will loosen the tense spine to a certain extent, just like we stretch the waist. However, it is difficult to stretch the waist to truly loosen the entire deep spine muscles. At this time, we need to use a handheld massager.

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  The above said: You can use a handheld massager to relax the spine muscles. For the latissimus dorsi, it is a very wide part of the entire back. As such a large muscle group, it usually only acts on some of our rib-pulling movements, such as pulling the distal object towards the body, usually with Latissimus dorsi is dominant.

  In short, I will focus on explaining how to use a handheld massager to massage and relax these two muscles.

  Handheld massager to massage erector spinae

  When relaxing the back with a handheld massager, let’s first understand what the erector spinae is. Many people may not be familiar with erector spinae, but the tenderloin that we see everyday is actually erector spinae. So both sides of the spine are where it needs to be loosened.

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  When loosening the erector spinae, the tip of the handheld massager needs to be replaced with a U-shaped tip. The U-shaped pipette tip can perfectly avoid the spinous processes of the spine and act on the muscles on both sides of the spine. The erector spinae muscles grow from the back of the lower pelvis, along the spine to the back of the head.

  We focus on loosening the erector spinae of the back from the thoracic spine to the lumbar spine. Turn on the handheld massager with U-shaped massage head to the second gear amplitude, first slide down the spine with your hand, find the stress point of the handheld massager, and then perform massage.

  The general massage time for erector spinae should be about 3 minutes per group.

  Handheld massager to massage the latissimus dorsi

  is to loosen the erector spinae through a handheld massager, and how to deal with the latissimus dorsi below. The latissimus dorsi is located on the outer side of the back. The latissimus dorsi grows from the thoracic and lumbar spine to the back of the pelvis, and the muscle fibers go along the side of the body to the front of the shoulder joint. The latissimus dorsi is the largest sector area of ​​the human body.

  Since most people’s latissimus dorsi is relatively thin and directly touches the ribs through the muscles, when combing the latissimus dorsi with a handheld massager, you cannot use excessively strong amplitude and sharp massage heads, so choose one Relatively flexible massage head.

  When    relaxes the latissimus dorsi, we first start from the thoracic spine and gradually go to the position of the shoulder joints outside of the body. Then start from the beginning, but this time move the starting point down a little bit. Because the entire area of ​​the latissimus dorsi is large, the entire muscle fibers need to be combed evenly.

  If there is too much pain when combing and massaging the latissimus dorsi, you can stop and massage the painful area for about 30 seconds.

  OK The above is the correct massage method for the erector spinae and latissimus dorsi of the back by using the handheld massager and the different tips of the handheld massager.