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  The three functions of the fascia gun

  1. Use the muscle massage gun before exercise to quickly impact the muscle groups you want to exercise, so that the temperature of the muscle groups and blood flow increases, helping to achieve a rapid warm-up effect.

  2. In the interval between two sets of exercise to use the fascia gun to let the fatigue of the muscle is activated again, ready for the next set of exercise.

  3. Use the fascia gun after exercise to shock the exercised muscle groups according to the principle of agonizing point, to help metabolize lactic acid and reduce muscle tension.

  The above use is based on a certain understanding of human anatomy, therapeutics and other people to use correctly to have the effect. If the operation is improper, not only to muscle, fascia tissue repair is not much effect, but may cause personal damage, because the mechanical vibration of the fascial gun in the nerve, blood vessels shallow body surface location, it is likely to cause serious injury.

  Three “no-go areas” should not be used

  1. Upper limb, lower limb bone prominence

  Outside of the knee joint, there is a projection at the upper end of the calf, called the fibular head, which is surrounded by the common peroneal nerve, very superficial, it will appear if the foot is injured, toes can not be dorsal extension, foot sensory disorders, etc., the fascia gun can not touch around the fibular head. In front of the knee joint is the prominence of the tibial tuberosity, which also cannot be hit with the fascia gun.

  The inner side of the elbow joint is where the ulnar nerve sulcus passes through, and sometimes the forearm can go numb when touched here. Because the ulnar nerve is very superficial here, it is also not to be touched with the fascia gun. The anterolateral aspect of the shoulder joint, anatomically called the greater tuberosity, is where the rotator cuff is attached and should not be touched with a fascial gun.

  2. Around the neck

  There are many nerves and blood vessels passing through the lateral and anterior side of the neck, and there are nerve reflex receptors, which are very sensitive and fragile, so it is very risky to use a fascial gun in these places.

  3. Around the clavicle, axilla, upper arm and popliteal fossa

  These places are full of brachial plexus nerve and its branches, supraclavicular artery, brachial artery and other important nerves, blood vessels, popliteal fossa is the fossa behind the knee joint, which has popliteal artery, nerves, etc., and the location is more superficial, once the consequences of injury are very serious, so these locations can not be directly hit with the muscle massager.