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massage gun deep tissue

  Nowadays, more and more young people pay attention to body management, hoping to quickly slim body shaping in a short period of time, of which, many people will use drugs, equipment, muscle massage gun is one of them!

  The fascia gun products are varied, expensive to thousands of dollars, as low as tens of dollars, fascia gun really so “God”?

  How does the myofascial gun work?

  Fascia belongs to the accessory tissue of the muscle, is a layer of connective tissue throughout the body, wrapped around the muscles, muscle groups, blood vessels, nerves, according to the level is divided into shallow fascia, deep fascia. The deep fascia of the extremities is deep between the muscles and the bone, which acts as a buffer to prevent friction during muscle contraction. Fascial gun uses a special high-speed motor to drive the “gun head”, which acts on the deep muscle and soft tissue through rapid and continuous mechanical vibration, effectively relieving tissue adhesions and overexcitation, and rapidly decomposing inflammatory products, thus achieving the effect of promoting metabolism and improving tissue environment.

  The earliest myofascial gun was used to relax sore muscles after exercise, in the NBA live screen, often see players off the court in the rest, immediately use the myofascial gun for relaxation and muscle protection. But now there are many people will fascia gun as a slimming tool, some users say that through the fascia gun to soothe the calf muscles, you can obviously see the muscles are relaxed, the legs have become slender, leg circumference reduced. In fact, the fascia gun can not eliminate fat, can not enhance muscle strength, and can not stretch muscle tendons and other soft tissue, so it does not play a role in shaping.

  ● But people who love fitness sports can use the fascia gun to quickly impact the muscle groups they want to exercise before exercise to increase local muscle blood flow and help achieve a quick warm-up effect.

  ● Using a fascia gun during exercise allows fatigued muscles to be reactivated.

  After exercise, the leg massager can help to metabolize lactic acid and reduce muscle tension to relieve fatigue.