Posted on: June 17, 2021 Posted by: voltrx Comments: 0
electric blender bottle

  I really like all the bottle electrics I treat myself, and I bought two new bottles. I got my first one about six years ago. It’s still pretty. This product is very durable. I have put the mixed bottle filled with liquid on it and there is no leakage of any liquid. I like these. My only complaint is protein shakes shaker. I want more color choices.

  Finally, you don’t have to take out the blender every time you want to stir the protein powder! When I ordered this, I was a little skeptical, but I was desperate and I was really touched. I use Vega protein powder mixed with water. This little invention blends it perfectly. This is not a protein bottle shaker, but it makes my protein drinkable.

  I also have another company’s electric shakers, but I keep leaking and I can’t shake the drink to the consistency I want. But this electric bottle shaker is very durable. Unlike my other one, I can actually drink water with it. Worth a try!