The voltrx protein shaker is convenient, easy to use and clean, but can improve the design of the mixing ball

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  The electric shaker bottle provided by does not have any description, which is not common in Amazon’s basic products. The concept is great: the powder and liquid are placed in the base separately and can be used immediately after exercise. In practice, I was not impressed because it did not mix my Slimfast protein shake well. Despite shaking vigorously for more than 30 seconds, the shake still contained many lumps. However, it does redeem itself by being truly dishwasher friendly. The beaker itself is not too high, so it can be easily installed on the top shelf of my dishwasher, as well as the lid and ball. Everything is neat and dry, no extra effort is required.

protein bottle

  So for convenience and ease of use, I set this Voltrx plastic shaker bottle product to 5 stars, but the design of the mixer ball can be improved, so I dropped it.

voltrx blender bottles work shockingly
The voltrx Shaker Bottle is very practical and will not drop

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