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blender bottle pack

  I just got this and I still love the shaker bottle pack. Easy to clean, the ball does what it should do-it mixes without any problems. I was afraid that there would be scum, but it did not happen! I highly recommend this. In addition, I chose a size of 28 ounces and a size of 20 ounces-I’m glad I did this-I think the extra space can be better mixed (I only use 12 ounces at a time).

gamer blind bag

  The lid of his mouth is closed tightly. Anyway, I covered the lid with my fingers and shook it, because I have delusions, the battle bottle, but it is likely to withstand some violent vibrations without opening it. It passed the dishwasher smoothly. The plastic does not warp and the lid is comfortable. The size and density of the protein bottle are appropriate. My protein shake is completely mixed together. Very satisfied with this. I bought two.

  Give me a cup before and after exercise.