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  Release of our thoracic muscles by the back massager

  The pectoralis muscle group is located under the skin in front of our chest and is relatively shallow. It is composed of two main muscles: the pectoralis major in a more superficial position and the pectoralis minor, which is located in a deeper layer. The pectoralis major and pectoralis minor muscles they work together to complete the movement to be completed, and then allow our shoulder joints and scapulae to complete some movement. In daily life, for example, I may be a white-collar worker, my daily work is to work with my arms in front of my body, I need to use some electronic devices, and the long-term past movement of the arms on the front side of the body will cause a part of the body to shorten the pectoralis major muscle. The whole person looks like there are some symptoms of chest. And if as a fitness trainer, we go to train the chest muscle group for a long time, it will also cause the shortening of the chest muscle group. So whether it’s for the general public or the fitness crowd, it’s vital for the whole chest to be loose and tight.

  Let’s first get to know our pectoralis major muscle, which is a fan-shaped flat muscle. Its starting point is located in the inner two-thirds of our clavicle, and there are some attachment points to the front of our chest where the sternum is located and below the abdominal muscles. In other words, the pectoralis major muscle has three simple attachment points: the clavicle attachment point, the sternum attachment point and our abdominal attachment point. The muscle fibers of these attachment points grow obliquely to the outside, ending most at the outside of the shoulder. So, we know where the pectoralis major muscle is located and where the simple muscle fibers go. The above muscle fibers are oblique to the outside, the middle bundle muscle fibers are horizontal to the outside, and the lower bundle muscle fibers grow oblique to the outside, so when we use the fascial gun, we need to follow the muscle fibers to let the fascial gun complete a certain relaxation.

  Above is the relaxation of the pectoralis major muscle using the fascial gun, while the pectoralis minor muscle is located deep in the pectoralis major muscle. If we want to prioritize the release of the pectoralis minor then one thing you have to do is the release of the pectoralis major. After loosening the pectoralis major muscle to a good state, we can really transfer the force of the fascia gun through the pectoralis major muscle to our pectoralis minor muscle.

  The pectoralis minor muscle originates from our third, fourth and fifth ribs, which means that the pectoralis minor muscle is located in our third, fourth and fifth ribs. Its stopping point is where our scapulae protrude. The tightness of the pectoralis minor muscle will pull our scapula forward, and the whole person will look like a kind of button shoulder and round shoulder phenomenon. So when we loosen the pectoralis minor and pectoralis major muscles, the whole problem of chest will be well improved.