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  The muscle massage gun works like an excavator’s crushing hammer, which is a reciprocating motion. But the driving principle is actually quite a lot worse, just like the Gatling and pea shooter is so much worse, right?

  Breaking hammer we have seen a lot, whack rock whack cement what can be whack, behind is a strong and reliable system to do support. Simply put, it is a hydraulic and pneumatic system with reversing valve to drive the brazing rod up and down movement. The massage gun is used to relax the human muscle, not as strong as the crushing hammer, the movement is also very simple.

massage ball

  So some DIY players will buy a special massage head to be installed on the Curve saw alone, moving small hands on the transformation of the massage gun affordable alternative. But the power of the Curve saw is too large, you need to plug the electricity also dragged the wire can not adjust the speed, noise and vibration directly take off. So it is still recommended to buy a massage gun.

  Voltrx muscle massager structure, is powered by lithium batteries, drive plate to provide variable speed, digital display what function, motor drive eccentric wheel, eccentric wheel drive drive rod, drive rod drive massage head. Product quality is very good, the price is moderate, a long time of stable use is no problem.