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kmart massage gun

  Massage gun walmart has been popular for several years, if you don’t know the principle and effect, please read this one!

  massage gun ireland percussion massage therapy:

  Through concentrated high-frequency pressure pulses to target various parts of the body, it accelerates and enhances the repair of deep muscle tissue. This can increase blood flow to different key parts of the body, thereby relieving pain and improving the range of motion and function. It can also help stretch and stimulate muscles before exercise, thereby enhancing flexibility, athletic performance and physical reflexes. In addition, our brain is very responsive to high-frequency massage, which makes the muscle aches and pains become more sensitive and penetrates into the deep tissues.

  The magic massage gun walmart can relax your muscles in 15 minutes?

  Simply put, it uses high frequency (40 vibrations per second) and up to 80 pounds of strength to relieve muscle fatigue, promote blood and lymph circulation, reduce lactic acid accumulation, and activate the nervous system and muscles. Allow athletes or those suffering from muscle and muscle pain to have massage therapy at home.

  muscle deep tissue massage gun generally has 4 “massage heads”, it is recommended to choose according to the following conditions.

  Large round head: Use when pressing large muscles, such as thighs and calves.

  Thinner round head: Use when pressing on thinner muscles, such as the back and shoulders.

  Cone head: For specific locations, such as the feet, relieve plantar fascia pain.

  Attention: It is not recommended to use it above the neck, genital organs, wounds, wounds that are not completely healed, and children under 8 years old.