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hyperrice gun

  This type of prostate massagger developed for sports is stronger than the general vibration of home massage instruments. Many users believe that the myofascial gun can improve blood circulation, relieve tense muscles and speed up the recovery of physical fitness. Is it really that amazing?

  High frequency vibration transmits power to the deeper layers of muscles

  The current market price range of the fascia gun is very large, from 100 to 4,000 yuan, but still by the gym jerk iron people’s hot pursuit. This type of fascia gun, a high frequency vibration of 2,000 to 3,000 times per minute, transmits power to the deeper layers of the muscle, helping to relax the muscle, improve blood circulation, speed up the drainage of lactic acid, and reduce muscle soreness. Muscles have a certain thickness, manual or home massage equipment, the force only reaches the surface of the muscle, while the high-frequency vibration of the fascia gun, the force will be transmitted to the deeper muscle, the effect is more obvious.

  The danger of fascia gun: five misconceptions in the use

  Myofascial guns are coveted by many sports enthusiasts, hoping to improve muscle tightness and enhance sports performance. But many people use it incorrectly, and the more you use it, the more you hurt. Not all pains can be treated with a fascia gun, and the time and frequency of use also affect the effect.

  Do not use for muscle strain inflammation

  Myth 1: Any pain after exercise, can be used to relax the fascial gun massage.

  Fascial gun can improve muscle pain, tautness and other strain; but sports injuries appear muscle pain along with redness and swelling, it may be acute inflammation, do not use the fascial gun to press the affected area, otherwise it will aggravate the injury.

  There is a man after running, the right thigh muscle pain, the affected area did not see redness and swelling, mistakenly thought it was muscle pain and fatigue, after applying ice to see no improvement in the situation, then use the fascia gun to relax the thigh muscle, pain relief immediately, thought the root of the problem; the next day to get up, the right thigh very painful and swollen, affecting the action to seek immediate medical attention, found that the muscle itself has been injured, and then mistakenly use the fascia gun to aggravate the injury, and finally to Finally, they had to receive physical therapy.

  The same position is limited to 5 to 10 minutes

  Myth 2: The stronger the muscle relaxation with the fascia gun, the more effective it is, and the longer it takes, the more comfortable it is.

  A: Too much strength or too long time can always be injured. Under the high frequency vibration, the force goes through the skin, fat layer and fascia layer first, and then enters the muscle layer; the strength decreases through each layer of tissue. The skin, fat layer and fascia layer are the first to receive force, if the force is too large, it is easy to bruise the surface layer of the tissue, and even make the muscle slightly torn.

  The dangers of fascial guns: five misconceptions in use2

  Fascial gun is suitable for large groups of muscles, such as the buttocks and quadriceps, because the muscles are large and require deeper massage. As for the location of the thinner muscle layer, such as shoulders, may not bear too much strength, easy to cause bruises, it is recommended to use manual massage, the force is gentler.

  As for the time, each time you use the fascia gun, you can not massage the same location for too long, it is recommended to press 5 to 10 minutes. The fascia gun can be equipped with different sizes and shapes of fascia gun head, to facilitate the user to choose according to the needs, among the vertebral fascia gun head is suitable for small muscles such as forearms, the more pointed and fine the gun head, the more concentrated the force issued, the more likely to hurt the tissue, the use of time to be shorter, not more than 5 minutes; spherical gun head contact with the skin area is larger, the force issued more evenly, the most press 10 minutes.

  Can not improve joint pain misuse or injury fascia

  Myth 3: Joint pain after exercise can be improved with a fascia gun.

  Fascial gun only applies to the muscles, while the joints include bone and ligaments; when the high-frequency force is transmitted to the bones, the force bounces back to the ligaments, which may eventually be injured due to overload. One man had ankle pain after practicing running and used a fascia gun to relax, and the next day his ankle swelled. The ankle muscles are thin, and the fascia gun is like a hammer that keeps hitting the ankle and eventually injures the fascia. For muscle pain, massage to increase blood circulation can already be improved; but joint pain can be caused by different reasons, such as cartilage inflammation, abrasion or ligament strain, etc. These reasons cannot be managed through shock massage, but through stretching or strengthening muscle strength to improve, you can seek help from physiotherapists when needed.

  Myth 4: All muscles in the body can be used fascial gun.

  The following locations are not suitable for fascial gun: carotid or femoral artery location

  Although the wall of the large artery is thicker, it may be damaged even if it is constantly subjected to gravity, and the damage may lead to blood clots, and once the clot is dislodged and flows into the brain with the blood to block the cerebral vessels, it can lead to ischemic stroke.

  Chest and abdomen

  Because it is close to the heart, lungs and other major organs, it may be shocked.


  Armpits are full of lymphatic tissue and nerve lines, which may cause lymphatic damage and inflammation, or nerve line injury, leading to hand paralysis.

  Low-headed muscle less elastic manual massage is better

  Myth 5: Low-headed people’s neck, shoulder and waist pain, can be used to relax the fascia gun.

  Soreness caused by poor posture or muscle strength, etc., may not need to use such a high frequency of the massager. Especially often sedentary, muscle strength is not good people, muscle elasticity is poor, can not withstand the high frequency force of the massage ball, easy to be injured. In fact, general back pain, can be used manually or general home massage equipment massage relaxation, the force is not too strong, to reduce the risk of injury.