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  The cellulite massager is a sports and fitness partner that has emerged in recent years. It can be used to relax without deep pressure, and common body aches and pains can be beaten back one by one.

  The main principle of the myofascial gun, which looks like an electric drill, is to stimulate the muscles and fascia of sore areas through high-frequency vibration to promote blood circulation and achieve a relaxing effect. Not only before and after exercise can be used, modern people love to play cell phones, office workers sit still, service industry stand all day, the body lacks activity, easy to cause muscle fascia adhesion, resulting in stiff shoulders and neck, back pain, can be used to improve the fascia gun.

  What about stiff shoulders and neck?

  Sitting in front of a computer for a long time, the shoulder and neck are in a tight state, from the lower edge of the cervical vertebrae to the peak of the shoulder are very tight, the fascia gun can be tapped slowly in the direction of the muscle, in order to be comfortable, not deep pressure.

  Chest tightness how to do?

  Too long in front of the computer, head down to play cell phones, will cause long-term tightness of the chest muscle group, feel chest tightness, need to stretch moderately to restore muscle elasticity. And fitness habits, like to exercise the pectoral muscles of people, can also use the fascia gun to stretch, reduce the sense of soreness.

  What about low back pain?

  Long-term poor posture is easy to back pain, you can massage the muscles on both sides of the spine to relax. This part is the surface muscles, do not need to press too deep, in order to avoid knocking to the spine, should be replaced with Y-shaped massage head.

  What should I do if my buttocks are sore?

  Because often stick to the chair does not move, the hip compression will cause soreness. It can be soothed by massaging the hip muscles, which are thicker. For sore spots, you can use a deep massage with a tapered head instead, but do not press hard.

  What should I do if my legs are sore?

  If you like to do sports that repeatedly bend your knees, such as running, cycling, hiking, etc., your outer thighs are easily sore and swollen, and your knees even have a painful burning sensation, you can use a wand massager to relax the iliotibial bundle to reduce sports injuries.