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hand massager

  The tension of our trapezius muscles is due to our daily homework, typing, playing with mobile phones and using computers too much, causing our shoulders to be in a state of contraction and tension all the time!

  Therefore, in addition to relaxation and repair, we should also pay attention to the usual posture of playing with mobile phones and doing homework, let our shoulders sink as much as possible, and don’t keep shrugging our shoulders.

  And this kind of lifestyle can easily lead to tension in the front chest, and the imbalance of the front and back muscles of the neck together causes the neck to lean forward and hunch back.

  Tense trapezius muscles can also easily cause us to train the trapezius muscles when we practice chest and back exercises. It is difficult to use the muscles that we should train, that is, our back or our latissimus dorsi and other muscle groups.

  So we need to relax our over activated trapezius muscles and chest before practicing these places.

  People who don’t work out can relax the muscles that have been tense for a day after the end of daily work. This can relieve muscle tension and make our posture better.

  This method will use Tratai’s massage gun.

  A misunderstanding of many people using the massage gun is to press the inside of the muscles very hard, but in fact, not only does this vibration not only produce the maximum relaxation effect, but also not so good.

  The design of the massage gun and the way of vibration is to relax our massage to the maximum effect. The relaxation of the massage is the best way to use vibration. This is why the massage gun is a very special and irreplaceable existence. Because we can’t achieve such a high-speed vibration by manpower.

  But precisely because the massage gun relaxes the massage. So when we use it, we only need to let our gun stay on the surface. Then pressing down hard will not bring you more effects, and it will be easier to damage our instruments.

  When using it, don’t press hard on the inner bones of the muscles, but gently touch the tension on the surface, and then use it in the direction of the muscles. Its effect will be twice the result with half the effort. You can watch the video to introduce each place in detail. And how to use the head.

muscle massage gun

  This Korean tratac massage gun is of very good quality, and the Korean translation also calls this massage gun a love body gun. His design is very intimate, it can be placed directly on the floor or on the table, so that your massage head will not get dirty, it is very suitable for people with cleanliness, and when he uses it, he can also hang the grip strap on his hand , To prevent slipping.

  This massage gun can be used continuously for four hours without charging. I think it is very suitable for people who need to use massage guns frequently. It is suitable for putting it in the gym for a whole day without charging. And the noise is very low and not noisy.

  The six massage heads are suitable for different parts. There are four levels of vibration frequency adjustment. The first level is very suitable for girls. It is more comfortable than all the massage guns I have used before! His head is also very comfortable. I don’t know what material is used on the skin and it feels very good.

  And the most important thing is that the motor it is equipped with is the best in the industry, but the price is much cheaper than hypervolt, so it is very cost-effective. Only if the motor is good enough can the massage be relaxed with deep and steady hits.