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vortex protein shaker

  As for the price of electric blender bottle, I am very happy to find these. I plan to buy a similar brand. Its quality is different, but very close. The top is not as safe as the nameplate or difficult to eject. The pill organizer at the bottom and the milkshake mix are stored well! I put them on the top shelf of the electric blender bottle without any problems.

  Considering the price of blender bottles amazon, I think they are quite good.

  I hope they have metal hybrid balls instead of lumped plastic balls.

  I used the metal ball from the old portable blender bottle.

  There are too many compartments at the bottom, unless you use them.

  Make sure the lid is completely closed.

  The durability of the electric shaker has yet to be determined. I no longer put any shaking protein shaker mixer in the dishwasher. This is how the tip eventually breaks.