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massage gun for athletes

  The topic of cellulite massager on the Internet is very hot, so I also bought a cellulite massager to try, including for myself or for our patients, when the muscles are tight, use this to relax. After using it for a while, I have a few feelings to share with you.

  1. What is a cellulite massager ?

  Fascia gun, the full name of Fascia Gun (Fascia Gun), is used for high-frequency impact physiotherapy for fascia relaxation. It is a wireless, advanced vibration relaxation device. When the cellulite massager first appeared in 2014, it was only used by athletes, but it soon entered commercial gyms and homes.

  2. What is the function of the cellulite massager ? What problems can be solved?

  The principle of the cellulite massager is to relax the muscles and nerves through high-speed vibration. Because the body will produce a lot of lactic acid after strenuous exercise, if you don’t relax in time, your muscles will have sore symptoms the next day.

  Screenshot of cellulite massager usage

  Secondly, if you do not relax in time after exercise, the blood circulation is poor, and the muscles are also prone to spasm. Over time, your muscle types will change, the muscles will become very stiff, lack of elasticity, whether it is exercise or in normal times, you will feel awkward to do your movements, and you will be prone to fatigue.

  3. Why can the cellulite massager fire? What are the advantages?

  1. The star effect represents the guarantee of quality. For example, HYPERICE products are recommended by NBA stars such as James, Curry, Durant, Rose, and domestic celebrities such as Li Bingbing, Yang Kun, Jolin Tsai, and consumers will be more willing to pay. The Theragun cellulite massager is also a regular equipment for NBA stars such as Irving. So when the stars or celebrities they support recommend good products, the fans will not hesitate to pay as long as they can afford them.

  Star recommended for cellulite massager

  2. The pressure is high, and massage products are considered luxury products compared to similar relaxation equipment. With one shot in hand, worship is all received. Some high-quality cellulite massager s are sold at a price of more than 3,000 yuan. And in the United States, Hypervolt treatment is a treatment service enjoyed by VIPs in the Marriott Desert Hot Springs Resort and the high-end fitness club Equinox in New York.

  Screenshot of the network price of a cellulite massager on a certain platform

  NBA star James uses HYPERICE quick-acting ice pack

  3. It can make up for the shortcomings of some relaxation products. For example, some ordinary massage devices are huge, some need wired charging, noise, some need someone else’s help to operate, and some parts can’t be massaged. This can’t provide a direct relaxing effect on very sore parts, like rolling foam. Shaft is not easier than training! Therefore, the fire of the cellulite massager can be regarded as an updated iteration of relaxation products.

deep muscle massager gun

  Some relaxation products do have improvements


  Sounds below 20 decibels are quiet.

  40-60 decibels are normal conversation sounds. (The sound of some quality cellulite massager s is 55 decibels)

  Above 60 decibels belong to the noisy range.

  At 70 decibels we can consider it to be very noisy.

  More than 90 decibels can cause hearing loss.

  And staying in a space of 100-120 decibels, humans will be temporarily deaf.

  4. In which parts of the body can the cellulite massager not be used? What are the hazards?

  1. The neck

  It is not recommended to use on the side of the neck or even the front of the neck. Because these positions are densely packed with nerves and blood vessels, even if you feel a little tension on the side, you can use traction, but never use a cellulite massager to directly hit the side of the cervical spine. It is very dangerous.

  There are many blood vessels on the neck, it is not recommended to use a cellulite massager

  2. There are bulges on the bones

  For example, the bulging bone in the middle of the spine is called spine. The shoulder joint also has a bony bulge, with the supraspinatus muscle on the top and the infraspinatus muscle on the bottom. The supraspinatus muscle cannot be directly hit with a cellulite massager . There are many signs of similar bony bulges on the body. In principle, if you can directly touch the bones with your hand, you cannot use this gun to directly hit the bones.

  Shoulder structure

  3. Upper trapezius muscles on both sides of the shoulder joint

  Generally speaking, play from the back to the front, but don’t hit from the front to the back, especially the position close to the collarbone. Because the position behind the clavicle and the anterior and inferior position of the upper trapezius muscle is the way to launch the brachial plexus from the cervical spine.

  Trapezius muscle

  This position is also generally used for surgery, such as brachial plexus anesthesia. This position is also found along the inner side of the clavicle, so this position is behind the clavicle and in front of the trapezius muscle. If you find this position uncomfortable, Taking a cellulite massager to hit is very easy to cause nerve damage. At the same time, there is a subclavian artery on the posterior medial side of the clavicle. If you are injured, it is also very dangerous.

  The arteries of the upper body of the human body

  4. Underarms and inner side of forearm

  This position cannot be hit directly with a cellulite massager . Because this is an important position of the brachial plexus. There are some musculocutaneous nerves, the upper part of the radial nerve, the median nerve, and the ulnar nerve all fire from this position.

  There are many nerves in the armpit and medial upper arm, so cellulite massager should not be used

  At the same time, there are blood vessels like the brachial artery in this area. If you say it is directly in the axillary position, or directly on the inner side of the upper arm, it is very prone to nerve or blood vessel damage.

  5. The inner side of the elbow joint

  There is a bulge on this piece, and this piece is the groove of the ulnar nerve. Sometimes after hitting the hemp tendons, you will feel that your forearms or hands are numb, which is the position you are talking about. This position cannot be touched directly with the cellulite massager .

  Elbow-Ulnar Nerve

  6. Lateral Knee Joint-Fibula Head

  You can feel down along the outside of the knee joint, and you can feel a bump on the upper end of the calf, which is the fibula capillary. There is a fibular nerve around the fibular head, so the cellulite massager must never touch the fibular head to avoid damage to the common peroneal nerve.

  7, the back of the knee

  In the last position, some people often report that there is soreness in the posterior fossa of the knee. Can you take a cellulite massager ? Answer: Absolutely not! Because in the popliteal position, there is the popliteal artery, nerve, cervical nerve, and common peroneal nerve all pass from this position, so the cellulite massager must never hit the popliteal position.

  Knee posterior fossa-popliteal fossa

  Five, summary of the use of cellulite massager

  Only fight normally in the “thick” areas to protect nerves and blood vessels. It is not recommended to use a cellulite massager in the position of bones, joints, attachment points of muscles or tendons, or densely packed nerves and blood vessels, otherwise it is very easy to cause injury.

  Final summary

  It’s okay to hit the big muscle groups. There is no big problem with the richer muscles like the buttocks, thighs and calves.