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cool shaker bottle

  I like this “Shaker Bottle” very much, so I have a second one! I use them every day to replace my Surent meal. I think it will help guide my process step by step, and hope to show how awesome these bottles are!

  These steps are performed together with the pictures attached to this review.

  1. These are two bottles of my own. The color of the product is pink and island paradise. The color belongs only to the bottle cap. The other colors are the same.

  2. I use these bottles every day to stir my powdered food substitutes; I personally use Surente, but I think any substitute powder in these bottles has the same effect.

  3. At the end of the day, I have to fill both bottles with water (just an ordinary faucet for me) to about 12 ounces; this is based on my personal preference for my water/powder ratio, which can be based on It is easy to adjust to your own preferences, thanks to the very convenient measurement mark on the bottle!

  4. Then I put these two bottles in the refrigerator overnight.

  5. The next morning I took a bottle and added a full spoonful.

  6. Half a spoonful of breakfast.

  7. Because the seal of the bottle cap is very tight, when you screw the cap back and tighten it completely, be sure to align it correctly; you made a mistake when you first used it, and water began to leak around the cap. I quickly realized My own fault, but not my fault, but the bottle’s problem. This is an easy mistake to avoid, as long as you pay attention to it.

shake that bottle lyrics

  8. It is also important to make sure that you completely cover the drink so that it will click; press down a large indentation, and you will feel, hear, and it is safe. The entire process provides a reliable leak-proof seal!

  9. Then shake it!

  10. The translucency of the bottle makes it easy to see if there is agglomeration. (Using Soylent, I hardly noticed (if any) clustering.)

  11. I usually don’t unscrew the lid between shaking and consumption, but I want to take pictures here. It looks great, there are no lumps! (Some people may unscrew the cap after shaking and add other ingredients. In this case, I recommend washing the cap first before screwing it back.)

  12. If you do not unscrew the rinse cap after shaking, there will be some liquid on the convex surface when you open the drink for the first time. You can wipe it off as long as it feels suitable and you can continue to drink.

  13. Fold the wine flap to keep a considerable distance; I never touch my forehead when I drink this bottle of wine.

  14. I usually reseal and unseal between the small mouth and the lid of the drink, but it does not weaken in any way.

  In general, I am very satisfied with this voltrx protein shaker product. I am glad that I chose a slightly more expensive but unique product instead of countless cheap shaker options. Originally there were no extra balls to sell to me, but all other elements really made this a prominent product. What caught me? I want to recommend this wholehearted confidence! Forget cheap alternatives, this is what you are looking for Yes; you will not regret it if you buy it, you will like it!