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  The first time I got this protein shaker electric, I immediately thought of its quality. It is of very good quality. I really think there is something wrong with the lid because I put the protein shaker on the back seat of my car. When it fell off, it started leaking. Don’t worry because I found the lid didn’t leak, you just have to press it hard until you hear a click. I just turned it off so it wasn’t leaking. It’s amazing how the stirrer in the electric bottle shaker mixes all your powder with the liquid. Really

  What a great bottle electric. I use it every morning to mix my powdered protein drinks. Definitely recommend and the protein shaker price is great! Thank you.

  I have a shaker bottle electric at home. i use them as shoes. Don’t use the same thing day in and day out or it will start to stink. I like these because they have the metal shaker electric. The shaker is flexible so you can easily use and clean them. blender bottle electric is really easy to clean. The flip lid snaps into place when you close it, and it doesn’t fall off when you drink. There is a handy hook that makes it easy to carry or hang on the D-ring on your bag. For me, these are the best protein shakes.