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  With the development of computers, mobile phones and various electronic devices, our spine is under increasing pressure; commuting on the way to and from get off work in big cities also makes the muscles of urban white-collar workers often sore; strong men after fitness also need to be in time. Relax the muscles in all parts. Today I will introduce to you a massage gun that can solve the various problems I mentioned above and is suitable for all kinds of people.

  The first time I saw the massage gun, I fell in love with this product. The color of macarons makes this cute fascia gun more beautiful and fashionable. There are three colors of massage gun, namely white peach powder, mint green and baby blue. The refreshing color is very suitable for men, women and children, and the sleek feel is also very comfortable to hold.

  Small and exquisite is a major feature of this massage gun. This fascia gun weighs only 380g. It is light and small, easy to carry, and can be massaged anytime, anywhere.

  The side of this fascia gun is a unicorn with a circular icon, which is very interesting to watch. The top of the fascia gun is a metal circular stripe, matched with macaron color to become very beautiful! It is very eye-catching to use at home or out.

  Massage gun is not only beautiful and light, but also has super functional features. The massage gun is equipped with four massage heads, and different massage heads have different functions. The spherical head is suitable for massage of the chest, back, buttocks and other parts; the double-fork head is suitable for massage of the neck, Achilles tendon and other parts; the mushroom head is suitable for muscle relaxation and shaping; the bullet head is suitable for the palms, soles and other parts massage. Very high performance! The massage gun has three levels of massage intensity. Girls can use the first or second level after exercise or when they need a massage, and boys can use the third level for massage. The intensity is very suitable. Sooth and relax the muscles immediately after exercise. Use different massage heads and different gears to operate. There is always a match that suits you!

head massager

  The   massage gun uses a 3000 rpm brushless motor, and the sound emitted by it is 45bB. It is very quiet to use and does not cause any noise. It can be used in the dormitory or in the office without disturbing others.

  Massage gun is charged with Type-C interface, which is very compatible, and it can be charged by external power bank or car charger. The massage gun has a built-in 2400Ah battery. When it is fully charged, it massages for 10 minutes a day, and it can be used continuously for one month with one charge.

  Massage gun can be used when you need a massage but don’t have time to go out, or when you’re tired after exercise and don’t want to move. Such a beautiful, compact and portable fascia gun is suitable for everyone! I highly recommend everyone!