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  Muscle soreness is a common problem encountered by modern people. For example, office workers sitting in the office all day staring at the computer for too long, and maintaining a posture for a long time will cause tension and soreness; the massage after exercise can relax Effectively shorten the muscle soreness the next day.

  Often back pain? Pharaoh teaches you how to relax and maintain muscles and massage !

  Whether it is the soreness caused by poor posture or the soreness after exercise, if it is not handled properly, it will accumulate into bad consequences over the long term.

  Here are a few muscle and massage relaxation maintenance, so that you can always take care of your body:

  One. Stretching

  Lajin pulls is not the ligament we commonly call “tendons”, but the massage and tendons around the muscles. The action of stretching and stretching is actually stretching exercises, which are made from specific angles of certain movements to help increase the ductility and flexibility of the muscles. Elasticity, warming up before exercise can avoid sports injuries, relaxing exercises during exercise, and relaxation after exercise can shorten the time of soreness. Sedentary people who stand up and simply stretch and stretch can relieve back pain.

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  Second, the scroll wheel to relax

  Use the roller to relax the soft tissues, let people who have been sitting for a long time relax their tight bodies, roll before exercise, increase the softness to achieve an efficient warm-up, and reduce the risk of training injuries, roll after exercise to make clumps Your muscles are properly stretched and the accumulated lactic acid is eliminated. Massage is also helpful for delayed-onset muscle soreness.

  Three, massage gun relax

  Normally, you can only press to the surface when you massage yourself. The deep tissue can be pressed through the massage gun to help the muscles expel lactic acid and increase blood circulation; deep tissue massage can penetrate deep into the massage , muscles, and bones, and more effectively reduce muscle tension. Pain, repair deep muscles.

  Four, professional fasciologists relax

  Although the massage gun can press deep tissues, some parts cannot be pressed or pressed in place. At this time, you need the help of a professional massage list. You can relax the whole body and achieve the effect of stress relief.