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kmart massage gun

  Today’s article is ideal for fitness parties, people who work long hours, and people with very stressful lives, so read this tutorial.

  Of course, at the beginning there is a great need to re-mention the concept of fascia, this is very important, we all must know.

  What is massager gun amazon? It is one of the most massive connective tissue in our body, the outer layer of every muscle in our body is tightly wrapped around this fascia layer, and we usually stretch before and after exercise, in fact, it is stretching our ligaments and tendons, so our muscles and fascia it can only be relaxed through massage. This also brings out the difference between stretching and fascial relaxation from the side.

  Now some of you are used to using the massager gun to relax our fascia and muscles after working out, here we will teach you to use the fascia gun to relax our oblique muscles and our back muscles.

  The trapezius muscle on the shoulder is a block of muscles that control the head and shoulders, and it is easy to stiffen the trapezius muscle due to improper posture and playing with the phone.

  The trapezius muscle is suitable for the use of double claw head, cylindrical head

  Note: Avoid the cervical vertebrae and start with the meatier areas first

  The back is a large muscle group, including the trapezius, latissimus dorsi and erector spinae muscles.

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  Use a single-point massage for muscle relaxation, small round muscles and other small muscle groups use the cylindrical head for massage relaxation, back and forth along the muscle massage to relieve back pain.

  Finally, when using the fascial gun to relax the oblique muscles, I would like to say a few more words of caution here.

  massage gun massage relaxation time limit: after exercise, each part of the massage one to three minutes can be

  Women in the physiological period: must avoid the stomach and its surrounding

  Pay attention to avoid bones, joints parts

  massage blade tool massage time do not apply pressure to the fascia gun