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  In training sports, in-situ running and running are both effective sports. Of course, regular in-situ running and running are beneficial, such as improving heart function, but many people don’t know the difference between in-situ running and running. So, is running in place the same as running? Let’s take a look together below!

  Is running in place the same as running?

  Generally speaking, running refers to outdoor running. Running in place is naturally different from running.

  First of all, it is different on the surface. Running in place refers to drawing a circle around oneself in a small space, on any field, when running, and people stand in the circle and run like stepping on the spot, with their legs up. Pedal, so that the whole body is in a state similar to running. And running mostly refers to outdoor running. There are many places, and the real running action is done, not just a running state like in situ.

  What are the benefits of running in place

  1. When running on the spot, the space required is very small, so the requirements for the venue are not high. I have to say that running in situ is a relatively economical way. There is almost no need to purchase any equipment, not to mention venue fees and training fees. As long as you find a suitable occasion, you can start exercising to lose weight.

  2. When running on the spot, it is often necessary to raise the legs, which can exercise the leg muscles.

  3. There is a strong running rhythm when running in place, which can bring a certain pleasant experience.

  4. Running in place can also increase the running speed. For example, it can increase from 64-step in-situ running to 120-step in-situ running at a time, which consumes a lot of physical energy and can lose weight.

  5. If you insist on running on the spot every day, it will relieve various sub-health conditions such as hyperlipidemia and high blood pressure.

  6. ​​Running in place can make people more energetic and feel relaxed. Running briskly and rhythmically can make people happy, improve the function of the nervous system, and prevent neurasthenia.

  7. The benefits of running are that it can increase the blood flow of the human body, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, and improve blood circulation. Data shows that the coronary blood flow can be increased by 10 times when running compared to when it is quiet, that is, the blood flow can reach 1200 to 1400 ml per minute. People who persist in jogging for a long time have significantly improved myocardial nutrition, strengthened and thickened myocardium, and improved organ function.