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  Most people rarely have high-intensity fitness, so there are many questions about such a fresh tool massage gun. Is this muscle fascia massage gun similar to Thor’s hammer useful? How to use it? Is it more effective than stretching exercises?

  I wonder if you “xiaobai” have the same problem? For this reason, Lao Wang has reviewed a lot of papers and materials before, and will share it with everyone in this issue: fitness, massage and relaxation have no magical tools, we have to talk more about science, not to talk about the product’s movement principle and use methods of equipment are hooligans!

  Massage gun is essentially a tool for post-fitness massage and relaxation. You can imagine that it is an enhanced version of artificial massage hammer, which can relax the muscles through the impact of different frequencies on the muscles, which can quickly restore our muscles and muscle strength. , The discomfort of soreness and fatigue is quickly eliminated.

  Its specific principle is that the massage gun will generate a certain amount of pressure when impacting the muscles with high frequency shocks, and the tension will increase, thereby activating the tension change receptors that exist in the tendon position, the Golgi tendon organ, and the Golgi tendon organ has a significant reduction in muscles. The role of tension, so that you can relax the muscles.

massage gun deep tissue

  In addition, the massage gun can inhibit muscle length change receptor muscle spindles in muscle fibers. The purpose of inhibiting muscle spindles is to reduce muscle tension, restore muscle functional length, accelerate blood circulation, reduce fascial tissue adhesion, and achieve relaxation. The effect of muscle fascia.

  At the same time, our muscles produce a lot of lactic acid due to anaerobic respiration after strenuous exercise, which is also the main reason for our body soreness, especially the soreness of the calf and thigh.

  Muscle fascia massage gun uses powerful vibration to stimulate and relax the fascia and rigid and tense muscles, relax the soft tissues of the fascia, quickly defeat the lactic acid produced after exercise, and greatly shorten the muscle recovery time.

  Of course, it should be noted that there are some other brands of massage gun on the market that over-promote that “massage gun can lose weight”. The massage gun itself does not have the so-called weight-loss function, but exercise can lose weight. The massage gun is just an auxiliary relaxation tool for exercise. For those who want to lose weight, they have only two ways to control their mouths and open their legs.