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back massager

  This is where Lao Wang can definitely answer you: Maybe it is really unnecessary!

  Warm up before fitness, and massage and stretch muscles after fitness. These two points are essential knowledge points for iron enthusiasts. If you don’t warm up before exercising, you may be injured during anaerobic exercise. After the workout, if you don’t perform a stretching massage, you may not even be able to get up in bed the next day.

  Is it necessary for people who like to exercise to buy a massage gun?

foot massager machine

  Another example is the strain or stiffness of human muscles caused by long-term incorrect sitting or maintaining a movement for a long time. At this time, there is nothing more comfortable than stretching a waist. Regardless of the little stretch, this is actually just a muscle stretch!

  The appearance of the massage gun is to solve the problem of dispersing and relaxing the myomassage after anaerobic exercise. Its similar products include massage balls, peanut balls and foam rollers and other corresponding relaxing products. Among so many products, the relaxing massage efficiency of the massage gun is the highest. A good massage gun is “strong and powerful, gun to the flesh”, which can quickly break up tight muscles and expel lactic acid.

  As for why, fitness runners do not necessarily have to start with a massage gun. This is because as long as you can perform effective body stretching after finishing your fitness or running, or if someone gives you a very good massage, you don’t have to Get the massage gun!