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  Today, my girlfriend saw that I was using Voltrx, a massage gun. She said that she had a good appearance, so she was curious and said she wanted to try it. Then she couldn’t stop!

  The first time she used it, she said it was very irritating when it was used, and it was a bit numb.

  I tried a few massage heads, and let me use her hands, feet, and shoulders. I can feel how comfortable she is.

  But she said that it will be a little numb after using it for a long time. It is true that it is not recommended to use it for a long time in the same area. You have to use it according to your actual situation.

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  I also use it after exercise, or massage after get off work overtime, and it doesn’t take too long, but it’s very cool.

  It has three gears that can be adjusted. I usually use one or two gears, and the vibration amplitude and strength are just right.

  Each massage head has its own characteristics. I personally like the flat head and the round head. My girlfriend likes the U-shaped head. It varies from person to person!

  Every time I use it, I take a shower and I can sleep comfortably, and I won’t get sore all over the next day.

  If you are a friend who exercises regularly and works overtime like me, you can consider buying Voltrx this massage gun.