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Shaker Bottle mixer

  The shaker cup can be split into 5 parts, let’s split the protein shaker first

  The largest part of the capacity is to replace the water cup. You can use it when you drink water. It is easy to carry. The capacity is 450ml. The material is food-grade PP, which is safe and non-toxic, so it can be used with confidence.

  This spring-shaped object is a stainless steel Shaker Bottle. Its function is to stir quickly, have good electrical insulation properties, food-grade non-toxic, and good chemical properties, and it does not react with most chemicals.

small Shaker Bottle

  With the cup and Shaker Bottle, it is very convenient to stir the meal replacement nutrient powder, and you can use milk and oatmeal at ordinary times. It can be stirred quickly without a spoon, and it is convenient to fry chicken.

  This green part with compartments is generally used to hold tablets, and this compartment can be split for easy removal and cleaning. It is also very practical to use for Change, or as a portable pill box when you go out.

  The black part is specially designed for meal replacement. Because the meal replacement is highly sealed during production and transportation, it is easy to return to moisture after the box is opened. It will make the bag sticky when it is directly installed in the bag, so it is OK to use the box to pack the meal replacement. Effectively avoid this problem. It is worth mentioning that the latest version of the AW meal replacement series can finally distinguish A meal and B meal, and it is becoming more and more humane and sprinkling!