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 Message gun massage is prohibited if you have frozen shoulder. There is also the effect of the fascia gun on the stiffness of the shoulder muscles to relax is very obvious.

  The neck and shoulder muscles massage, then we are familiar with the neck and shoulder area is composed of two relatively large clusters. One is our trapezius muscle, while the other is the scapular lift muscle. These two muscles can be responsible for both the lifting of our shoulders, but also for some of the upward movement of our shoulders and arms.

  PS: The shoulder and neck muscles consist of the trapezius, scapularis, cephalicus and cephalicus semispinalis, which are the main muscles.

  So this time for the long-term sedentary office population will often appear neck and shoulder muscle tension, then today use the fascia gun how to relax the shoulder muscles, so as to avoid long-term neck and shoulder muscle tightness and then the development of frozen shoulder.

  First of all, let’s get to know the position of these two muscles

  Oblique muscle

  Common sense says that the trapezius muscle is the muscle that can be reached by the palm of the hand above the shoulder blade under the neck, but the human trapezius muscle is very large. The trapezius muscle runs from the top of our neck up the spine to the last section of our thoracic spine. That is, the cervical and thoracic vertebrae are the starting point of our trapezius muscle. The muscle fibers converge towards the shoulder in the front part of the clavicle, the outer part of the shoulder acromion and the scapular part of the scapula is where the trapezius muscle ends, so the volume of the trapezius muscle is actually very large.

  The trapezius muscle is divided into upper muscle fibers, middle muscle fibers and lower muscle fibers. The upper trapezius muscle fibers are the most stressed in daily life. Therefore, the upper muscle fibers of the trapezius are the first to be treated with the fascial gun.

  Scapularis raphe

  It works together with the trapezius muscle to lift the scapula in an upward motion. Its position is relatively small and it is a long, thin muscle. The scapularis grows from the cervical side down to the upper corner of our scapula. It is responsible for lifting the scapula from the medial measurement, and the trapezius is responsible for lifting the body’s scapula from the lateral side.

  For the release of these two muscles we would prefer to use the flat, broad massage head of the fascia gun to scope the upper trapezius muscle fibers. If we find some painful points, we will try to change the head to a point-to-point massage and release the painful points.

  Note: When using the fascial gun to release the shoulder muscles, avoid the scapula, clavicle and occipital bone.

  When releasing the shoulder muscles, we should use our free palm to find the approximate location where the acromion clavicle and scapula are located on the human shoulder as a priority, then the fascia gun can be applied to our palm to release the trapezius muscle on the medial side. Start by gradually going from the lateral side of the shoulder to the root of the neck to finish leaning in, making a short stop close to the neck position and going back and forth like a minesweeper.

  The entire trapezius muscle is combed with a fascial gun, and the location of the very painful point of the trapezius muscle is probably located at the base of the neck. This is a common problem for most people, and the neck and shoulders can also be overly tense if the cell phone and electronic devices are used more often. So for the painful area we will replace a massage head, choose a relatively sharp gun to the more painful nodes in the trapezius muscle to point to point treatment. At this point we don’t need a range comb, because we have already done a range comb. Generally a 30 second dwell is sufficient after finding the painful point.

  Next, the scapularis raphe is released using a fascial gun

  Since the scapular raphe is long and part of the muscle fibers are in the lateral part of the cervical spine, this is not easy to handle with the fascia gun, but the lower part of the scapular raphe can be released with the fascia gun. From the ear cut to the top of the back is the location of the upper corner of the scapula, which is also the attachment point of the scapular raphe. This is the point of attachment of the levator scapulae. This is the point where some pulling and soreness often occurs, so the fascia gun is used to release the levator scapulae along the superior scapular angle and the area near the neck.

  Since the scapularis is a single muscle, a sharp massage head is used to comb the muscle fibers.

  When using the fascia gun to relax the shoulder, care should be taken to

  Do not press the muscle stimulator to hammer our body excessively, and pay attention to the bones around the shoulders when massaging and relaxing without hitting.