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  For the use of a deep tissue massage gun for human hip muscle massage relaxation is not one can be done, you must find another person who can help you to relax with.

  The glutes are located in the lower and middle part of the body, at the back of the pelvis. Our gluteus maximus is also the single largest muscle in the body and is the source of power for the lower limbs. In many running, climbing stairs and jumping movements, the glutes are required to participate. Whether you like to climb mountains, run or work out in the gym, these are all lower limb based exercises in which the gluteus muscles are involved to a greater or lesser extent.

  And a full and strong buttocks is very helpful for sports. The exercise process will inevitably lead to tightness in our gluteus maximus or the deeper pear-shaped muscles of the gluteus maximus causing a portion of the more risk of injury to exist.

  Then, when they are tight and spastic, the stability of our entire pelvis and lower limb movement will be affected, so today brings how to use the fascia gun to massage and relax our entire gluteal muscle group.

  Before using the fascia gun to massage the buttocks, let’s understand the location of the gluteus maximus and pear-shaped muscles

  The gluteus maximus muscle starts at the lateral part of the sacrum and the muscle fibers grow diagonally to the lateral part of the body, ending at the lateral part of the femur of the thigh.

  We need to follow the direction of this muscle fiber to do massage when we use the fascial gun to loosen it.

  Location of the pear-shaped muscle

  It is on the lateral side of the hip joint where the greater trochanter meets the sacrum and is off-center, so when using the fascia gun to relax the pear-shaped muscle, apply a little pressure to go down vertically to complete the release.

  How to massage the gluteus maximus and pear-shaped muscles of the buttocks with a fascia gun?

  Note! We should follow the muscle fibers of the gluteus maximus to complete the release, while the pear-shaped muscle is located deeper in the gluteus maximus, where it grows from the sacrum to a bone on the outside of the hip joint (commonly known as the “rotor”). It is positioned at approximately the midpoint of the line between the sacrum and the greater trochanter. Because of its deep location, a sharper and deeper massage head is used to relax the pear-shaped muscle.

  First, the myofascial gun is prepared and then the palm of the hand is used to locate the posterior aspect of the sacrum. Because there are more bones behind the sacrum, once the massage head hits the bones, there will be a strong jumping gun and it will hurt the bones, so in order to avoid the above situation, you need to use your hand to find the position of the sacrum in advance.

  Gluteus maximus muscle fibers are relatively thick, so the amplitude frequency of the selected fascia gun should also be relatively high. We can adjust the gear of the fascia gun to the upper middle gear and the massage head to the flat head.

  When we find the sacral position, then the fascia gun against our palm, along the gluteus maximus muscle fibers gradually to the rear of the thigh to complete the movement massage. When approaching the end of the gluteus maximus muscle it can be restored to complete the leaning from the medial to the lateral area in turn.

  If we find that some points are very painful during the relaxation of the gluteus maximus, what should we do if we have an agonizing pain point? The massage head needs to be replaced with a more permeable power sharp massage head, this head contact area is relatively small.

  Next, we can target the gluteus maximus muscle to complete the location of the painful points to stay relaxed for about 30 seconds.

  After the entire gluteus maximus is released, the pear-shaped muscle needs to be massaged and relaxed. We need to find the location of the lateral hip bones and find the location of the sacrum. In between the two points is the pear-shaped muscle, and we set the point down. Using the weight of the fascia gun itself and a little pressure, let the fascia gun to stimulate the pear muscle more deeply.

  Use a sharp cylindrical massage head for hip relaxation

  Since the pear muscle is deep, we must try to relax the deeper pear muscle with the fascial gun only after massaging and relaxing the gluteus maximus. If you feel that the amplitude is not enough, we just need to increase the speed of the body massager again, and then finish stimulating and relaxing the pear muscle.