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  The push-up is a movement to exercise the waist and abdominal muscles, but also a good exercise effect on the back, do push-ups, must be careful, the action range is not too large, the action should also try to standardize, to avoid sports injuries. So, how many push-ups are appropriate? How to do push-ups?

  Prone push-ups do how much appropriate

  In doing this action, we can adhere to each group of movements for about 1 minute, each time to complete 3 to 5 groups. Because the difficulty factor of this action is not very large, so in the process of adherence is not very difficult, then we can choose to adhere to 1 minute each time, so that the exercise effect is better. In addition to do only one group, the exercise effect is very limited, so we can carry out multiple groups each time.

  How to do the prone push-ups

  1. lie prone on a flat chair, keeping the abdomen in the upper part of the flat bench and keep parallel to it. Keep the top of the chest and head hanging off the edge of the bench. 2.

  2. Place your feet under the bench and hook them onto the bench to keep your body stable as the initial part of the movement. Place your hands on either side of your head and place your fingers in contact with your ears.

  3. Bend the elbow joints of both arms and expend the elbow joints outward to lift the upper torso of the body up and off the surface of the bench about 8 to 12 inches.

  4. Slowly and carefully move the upper torso down to the initial position. Repeat the set of movements.

  What to note about the push-ups

  1. you do this action must be slow, if you come up very quickly that is likely to lumbar muscle strain or even injury.

  2. Roman chair against the thighs of the pad is adjustable, remember not to let the pad touch the knee, or do up the knee will be very uncomfortable (blood lessons, must remember).

  3. if you plan to do weighted push-ups, then hang your hands down, two hands and take a barbell piece or each take a dumbbell is okay. But do not put the barbell piece behind the head, so the weight is heavy is easy to hurt.

  4. do not lift the body too high, so as not to overstretch your spine.