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massage ball

  With the publicity of various events and fitness athletes, the muscle gun is more and more familiar to everyone, we all know that the fascia gun has the effect of muscle relaxation, blood activation, circulation, degree massage, while effectively dissipating a large number of creatine produced by the body in the fatigue of sports, work, life, plays an important positive role in relieving muscle pain. So, you know the fascia gun are those used as, how long each use with?

  1. Fitness

  Bone machine is ideal for those who value health or want to have a healthy crowd. During the massage, the deep trunk muscles, all the abdominal muscles and all the shoulder muscles, including the connective tissues, will be strengthened at the same time, down to the deepest layer. The abdomen and hips are tightened, the chest and triceps are toned, and the metabolism is boosted over time. This unprecedented workout is also extremely effective in improving body posture. All scapular girdles will be stretched downward, and every part of coordination and sensorimotor function will be improved.

  2. Weight loss

  In the use of the body so that the body treatment area from the inside out heat effect, so there is a certain local weight loss effect, because it is in the working state of muscle fat in the subcutaneous movement and consume a lot of fat and generate heat out of the body, but it can really help you have the body of your dreams. This can bring high-frequency vibration fitness equipment can make the surface of the bone loose muscle sway. It will beautify your posture, strengthen your back and muscles, in addition to giving you a good shape, a real health wand. If you can strictly adhere to the exercise program, then you are guaranteed to be able to confidently show off a proud body posture.

  3. Correct body shape

  Regular massage with a bone machine can make those muscles that pull the scapular band down such as the upper muscles of the trapezius muscle really get exercise, so many people including professional athletes have incorrect posture or have back problems. The bone complex machine can correct and improve a person’s posture in a very short time, and not only the muscles under the scapulae, but also the muscles between the scapulae will also be exercised very quickly. If the muscular endurance of these muscles is improved, then the bad posture will also be corrected accordingly, while the muscles in the cervical vertebrae area will also be strengthened, with the effect of Shu Shu, blood activation, energizing, degree massage, while effectively dissipating a large amount of creatine produced by the human body in the fatigue of sports, work and life, with a very good effect of relieving muscle fatigue.

  4. Treatment or prevention of low back and shoulder diseases

  Conventional fitness or exercise does not involve the deep muscular tissues of the human body, but these weak deep muscular tissues are the main cause of body shape defects and back diseases. The bone complex machine is very effective in expanding the vertebral gap, frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, foot massage, and increasing blood flow; it can also be well used to prevent back ailments and pain. On the one hand, the deep back muscles can be strengthened, and on the other hand, it can also eliminate the painful tensing of the surface muscles of the back and neck. For different conditions of spinal problems, such as neck syndrome, upper arm syndrome, vertebral joint stiffness, lumbar rheumatism, etc., the specially developed exercises strengthen the deep trunk muscles, stabilize the spine in a short time, improve the body shape and prevent back pain and intervertebral disc problems.